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The S59's knocked Mizuno's MP-32's out of my bag. I can play any shot with them but the Ping's save me an extra shot or two a round, due to the forgiveness. I have the zz65 shaft and didn't really notice a flight difference over the DGS300's, I'm sure the similar flight is because of the head/shaft combo of the two irons. If were to put a different shaft in I would think the ball flight would be too low. All in all the S59's suit my game perfectly.
I agree with Westwood but I would have kept it to myself. If the Euro's were stomping the U.S. team, he probably would have. I think the Euro's are sore losers...unfortunatley.
I normally hit my 7-iron 165 yards. With the Natural Golf swing I hit it about 145 yards. A very straight ball flight but very high (this is where I lost yardage). The problem was ballooning shots and this caused erratic yardages. But the accuracy was deadly, never more than 5 yards off-line. If there was a way to get my normal yardages I would play with this swing, but there isn't (unless I wanted to lengthen my shaft quite a bit). It's a very easy swing and puts no...
This will sound bad...but...if the group ahead is really slow, as in ignorant of ettiquette, I hit into them. If they are older, slower people I deal with it but if they gather at every ball and talk away I let them have it. If a playing partner is slow I simply show him the group behind us that is waiting. They usually catch on and speed up.
My bad spelling, it's Gerald McCullagh. Search him now, sorry...
I tried the swing for a bit a few years back. More accurate but I had inconsistent distances. Too high of a ball flight for my liking.
How much do you want to spend? Gerald McCullugh is awesome but a bit spendy.
I'm a former competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter. Strength means very little, trust me. You want no tension. I try to feel like I'm letting go of the club at impact. The trick is flexibilty and timing. Core strength helps a little and forearm strength helps a little out of the rough but it's not where your power is at. It takes a while to learn, I was benching 500+lbs and hitting the driver 200 yards. Once I quit competitive lifting and worked on stretching (I still...
I'd go with Sergio's swing. Great with the woods and irons. I love to watch Ernie and Freddie, but give me Garcia's swing.
It isn't really a different topic. It's the value of people in our society. Being black and popular to most races is not unique. The athlete is overrated and Tiger is King of the hill, so therefore overrated. I give no credit to someone who crosses barriers when the result of said crossing is wealth and fame. Big deal. He is an icon and that is a problem. We have undeserving (overrated) icons. It reflects poorly on society to value a golfer over, say, a soldier....
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