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I moved down here about 3 months ago. I haven't played since the New Year (studying for Bar Exam). I played Kizer a few times (which I like...as a Muni), Falconhead once (amazing) and Blackhawk (disappointing). Thoughts on other courses? I need to try out Lions Muni, but I'm weary of the alleged 6 hour rounds.
Originally from Seattle... Newcastle is my favorite. Make sure you play the Coal Creek to get the views. It's incredible in every possible way. Washington National is also excellent. Gold Mountain is good, but either an hour ferry ride or a 2 hour drive from Seattle. I haven't played Chambers Bay, but I've heard it's incredible. It's about an hour south of Seattle. Any of the Oki courses are good, but Newcastle and Washington National are the best. If you want a...
The Oregon coast is beautiful. And Portland freaking rocks. I would suggest going out in the Pearl District. Very cool. And Bandon is probably the nicest course I've ever played. Put on your walking shoes, but well worth it.
Thanks. Surprisingly good insight from a Duck . Go Dawgs.
I actually really like walking on solo and getting paired up with people. When I relocated I did it all the time, and was how I met some of my best friends. It can be intimidating at first but you'd be surprised how much friendlier people are on the golf course than in real life.
I haven't played a ton of places...and clearly Bethpage and the other famous ones are better than what I'll list. But my favorites have been West Seattle in Seattle (incredible views), Lions Municipal in Austin and Ali Wai in Honolulu.
Thanks for the suggestion...good idea. The only problem is that I need +1s and I'd like to get them custom fit to try and fix some of the glaring flaws in my swing . But thanks for the advice.
I'm going to be purchasing new clubs (iron set) in a few months and would love to hear some advice. I'm around a 20 handicap and have a fairly pronounced draw. I think I've narrowed it down to the TaylorMade r7s and the Ping G10s. I hear the r7s are a little longer, but I'll sacrifice distance for accuracy at this point. Thoughts? Thanks!
I'm not old enough to have seen Jack in his prime, so I can't really say. But I think Tiger right now is pretty hard to beat.
I'm an attorney. New to the forum but I imagine it's going to hurt my billable hours ;).
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