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I'd guess that since I started playing 20 years ago (at age 10) I've probably logged in 1200+ rounds.  Of those, 150-200 were in competition at the high school and college levels.  I'm guessing that I got below the 5 handicap level around age 16, or after maybe 150 rounds.  During those early years, and especially while playing college golf, I made far more trips to the practice range/green than I did to the course itself.
Some guys on our team worked part time jobs on campus, I'm guessing 10-15 hours per week during the golf season if I remember right.  Full time (40hrs) would be a stretch, especially if you have class & studying to take care of.
I played for a competitive DIII program a few years back.  My scores ranged from the low 70's to the low 80's, with most being in the 75-80 range during competition.  I moved back and forth between the 1st and 2nd teams throughout my 4 years on the squad.  Our top guys averaged around par and we also had guys on the team who rarely played in tourneys that averaged around 80.  We kept 12+ guys on the team.    I enjoyed the daily practice rounds more than the...
I spit just about anywhere on a golf course, however I won't "hauk a loogie" on a green, tee box etc.  If I ever spit a little guy onto a green, I'll use my putter to tap it down/into the grass.   Though, I have no problem with the Euro Tour fining Tiger for spitting on a green, he's on TV and should be held to a higher standard.
Sabbatini, Westwood, Crane, Woods, Langer, Cink, Love III, Olazabal, Pettersson, Villegas, Dimarco.   I used to root against Monty, but other than in a Ryder Cup, I hope he does well in tourneys.
I'd like to see pics of each club from an "at address" angle.  I do enjoy The Hot List overall, gives me something to drool over during the long winter months.
I don't love the show, but do like it.  Something new & different, they'll find what works eventually.  Recapping the weekend tourney and guests have been good.  I could see watching 30min or so in the morning, 2 hours of it would probably get old.
Euro - GMAC, Jiminez, Seve USA - Mickleson, Kim, Couples, Palmer
I concur with this. My grades would have been much better in college had I golfed more and did other activities less. College is about doing things away from class & library as much as it is about hitting the books. Bring the clubs, you'll need a break from time to time away from studying.
Maybe offer 1 free practice shot for those who pay to play???
New Posts  All Forums: