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Nothing worse than being in the middle of the fairway and having a tree between you and the green. Has anyone ever played Keller Golf Course in St. Paul MN? It's a great course, but #4 is a 140 yard par 3 with a 50 foot tall, 50 foot wide tree right in the middle of the front of the green. Good players can hit a wedge over the tree, but anyone else is in trouble.
I had always used Cleveland 588 RTG wedges, but tried a Mizuno wedge and it felt so much better to me. I'm keeping my 51 degree Cleveland in the bag so I have a club that I don't mind hitting out of lies where I may catch a rock or other sticky situation.
I meant to say the courses are crowded on "weekends." I've edited the original post.
It's been a few years, but I liked Fred Enke in Tucson. What is the definition of a "Muni" course? Does it have to be city/gov't owned?
Bearcreek's Masters course is very nice when it's in good condition. It's playable for mid level golfers while offering a challenge for anyone from the tips. It starts out with an easy par 5 (which I wish every course started with )and goes from there. The only weak hole is #9. The par 3 tee boxes tend to be pretty beat up and hard to find a flat lie on. #18 is a great finishing par 4. On another note, Memorial Park near downtown could be one of the best muni's in...
I use an Odyssey White Hot #9 model and really love how it sets up. At times it feels a bit soft however. Does anyone have experience with a Slighter putter? I was quoted around $350 to have one custom made, but I'm nervous about paying that much for something I've never used. The Slighter Redmond model looks awesome.
As far as Joe Public in America playing golf I believe it is on an incline. However, around here (Minnesota) they have built so many courses since the Tiger boom that it seems as if courses are empty other than weekends. I don't mind the abundace of courses and open tee-times!
I don't try to copy anyone's swing, but I dream about Fred Couples' swing
Funny as I was gonna say that I think the rules should only allow 10 clubs. Also spike marks on the green should be able to be fixed, especially the way people shuffle their feet on the greens at your avg public course.
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