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As fas as I know there is no time limit on high-school eligibility assuming you haven't yet graduated. It's not uncommon to see middle school kids playing at the varsity level in sports such as golf, swimming, tennis etc. 3rd grade is a little extreme, but if he had the ability go for it.
I have the scorecard from my first round under-par in a shoe-box full of memorable things from growing up. I still remember playing the 18th hole that day and actually making birdie on it to shoot -3, putter was on fire. Didn't save anything from my first eagle, but remember it well... approx 500 yard dogleg right, driver-5wood to approx 10 feet and made the putt. Both of these happened 15 years ago or so. Haven't made an ace, but will keep that ball.
Driver - $300 Fwy Wood - $260 Irons - $900 Wedges - $100 each Putter - $300 Total - $2,060
Insert vs. non-insert is a personal opinion. You see players of all levels gaming both. The Odyssey Black Series i has a firmer insert compared to their XG line. As far as mishits and forgiveness of a putter, that has much more to do with the style and MOI of the model than the presence on an insert. A large mallet will tend to be more stable on mishits, but may offer less feel or feedback. Both Odyssey and Cameron offer many options from traditional looking blades to...
Driver (B+) Can hit it pretty far, but misses aren't consistant left or right Irons (A-) Relatively accurate and hit a consistant draw. Am able to manipulate ball flight when necessary. Avoid risky shots and often bail out to fat or middle part of greens. Sometimes have hard time holding greens. Could use a little more height on shots. Short Game (B) Don't generate enough spin on shots under 100 yards, but have generally been a good chipper. Sand game is ok,...
I avoid hitting downwind on the range and look for chances to hit into the wind. As far as temperature requirements.... that depends on how high my level of up north cabin fever is. If I'm uncomfortable and looking to finish the bucket up quick then it's probably not a productive range session. I do like playing in most any condition as it teaches you how to improvise.
I also use a Callaway FT 17* 4-wood. Have been using a 4 wood since the late 90's when I needed to make room for a lob wedge. The 4 wood was a compromise of the 3 and 5 woods. My first 4 wood was a Callaway War Bird which I loved and used from 1998 until 2008. The War Bird had a steel shaft and was my reliable friend when the driver was off. I had to work to get the War Bird up in the air off of the fairway. Though not as straight as the War Bird, my FT 4 wood is...
I love the look of the new Titleist CB and MB irons. The new Mizuno MP-68 look sweet as well. When my swing is off a trip to the range with my dad's Ping Eye 2's always makes me feel better and gets me back into a groove.
I agree with this statement. For irons I'll usually only seriously consider offerings from Mizuno & Titleist as their "players" irons tend to be similar. For drivers I'm willing to look at any brand, except for Titleist and usually Mizuno because they seem to be too much of a "players" driver for me. I want big and forgiving off of the tee. For fairways woods I've always been a Callaway guy since I fell in love with their War Bird series in the late 90's. I'm...
I noticed from an overhead view that #10 appears to have 2 greens. Do they use both or is one some sort of practice green?
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