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Go to the club and play with the coach, they'll most likely let you play. Clubs are always giving student golfers access to their course as long as you respect the opportunity, it's good PR and advertising for potential future members!!!
I wouldn't say it is unethical to quit, but I say you should continue to play and do it with the proper attitude. If you are going to be crabby and a distraction to others then quit, but I say you should realize that once you are no longer in contention your job could be to lighten the mood and be courtious of others. Last year in our club championship, leading by 1 after day one, I posted a 42 on the front 9 in the second round and realized I was out of it. My 2...
Best of luck to you. I'm not sure what you are trying out for, but I'll assume it's a high school team or something like that. First of all, realize that at that level everyone is prone to posting a big # and don't get down on yourself if you do as well. I remember in high school that my coach told me to break the round up into 3 hole "mini-rounds" and have total score goals for those mini-rounds. Also, forget what happened in the last mini-round when you go onto the...
Let me start out with a little background..... When I first started playing and especially in high school golf, when a long drive was 220 yards, it seemed like I could make every putt I looked at. I tried to copy Bobby Jones' putting style back then and had a very narrow (heels touching at times) open stance and wristy stroke. As I got into college golf and began to hit the ball much longer my putting level dropped significantly. My coach got me to use a much more...
1. Keep my eyes over the ball while putting 2. Practice more around the green 3. Post back to back rounds under par 4. Win club championship
During the 3rd round of the Australian Masters Tiger Woods hit a poor tee shot and proceeded to throw/slam his driver into the ground and it shot into the nearby gallery. On camera it seemed as if Tiger was more concerned with the physical status of his driver after the incident than he was with the status of any gallery members that could have been hit by his club toss. Tiger continues to become more and more of a selfish guy with an attitude problem on tour with his...
This weekend could be it for us MN golfers, anything after Nov. 1st is golfing on borrowed time. During the winter I work on 5 footers in my living room and sometimes chip balls at my couch pillows. I don't like hitting off of mats, so I don't go to dome unless I'm going golf crazy. I try to schedule a March trip to the desert once I get the itch again. One thing I think is great about MN golf is that every spring seems like a whole new season.
My natural shot is a low draw, but the funny thing is when I have to intentionally curve the ball around something I'm much better at hitting a big fade/slice than a big draw/hook.
LeSeuer Country Club down towards Mankato is more fun to play than Northlinks
I just think there are too many unknown Koreans, who seem to have no personality (which may be due to a language barrier) that seem to dominate the woman's game. If the liks of Cremer, Wie, Gulbis etc started winning it would definitely jump in popularity.
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