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What kind of $$$ do you want to spend? The Links at Northfork and Logger's Trail are pretty good links style courses for around $40. Keller Golf Course and Bunker Hills are pretty good parkland courses for around $40 as well. For upscale, Troy Burne (in Hudson, Wisconsin) is very nice and so is Stonebrook. If you want play on a budget the Minneapolis city courses aren't too bad either. If you have time for a weekend getaway I'd head up to Giant's Ridge (approx a 4...
Don't worry about this too much. Golf is tough and that's why we are so addicted to it. I've shot 85-72 on the same day on the same course this year, but the 72 was from the tips and approx 400 yards longer in total yardage.
I was interested to watch it this weekend until I turned it on and saw the facepaint and a Euro caddy with dyed blue/yellow hair. That was enough for me and put this event on the same level as NCAA softball with their annoying/never ending chants from the dugouts.
My favorite would be a long (7000ish) links course with hard fairways, lots of waste bunkers, ever-present wind and large greens. I enjoy all kinds of courses though, just wouldn't want to play desert style more than a couple times per year.
Sometimes I wish a full round was 13-14 holes. On occasion the last couple holes of an 18 hole round get long and I get tired/lose focus.
The Ventana Canyon courses are very nice, and so is LaPaloma, which is nearby. Starr Pass is also nice. Those 3 courses are kinda $$$$ though. On the cheaper end, I enjoyed Fred Enke, a city course on the east side of town.
I played Ross Bridge a couple times when I was in Birmingham about a year ago. My impression was that it is a pretty easy course to score on. Wide open driving areas and huge fairways. Sure, there is a lot of water and bunkers, but they are easy to avoid. I'm sure the PGA could pretty much do whatever they wanted to toughen up the course, but I'd say the pros would still go way too low for a major.
My experince is that boozing (either the night before or on the course) leads to very good rounds or very poor rounds. I've never been able to grind out a decent round while hungover or drinking on the course, but shot both a 67 and an 85ish round last summer while being not sober. Seems like booze can take the edge off of difficult shots, putts especially, or lead you to do dumb things just like in regular life!
I agree, Black Bear was tough, especially for a casino course where you expect them to cater to your average skilled golfer. My most difficult was Dellwood Hills from the tips, long course built in a swamp so there is no roll and lots of trees. Great course though.
The T series have a teardrop shaped head, while the R series has a more rounded shape. I chose the T series based on asthetics.
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