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I used Cleveland RTG wedges for a long time and switched to Mizuno approx 2 years ago. The Mizunos are defs softer and seem to spin a bit more. I've never played Vokeys, but hear that they spin more, but feel a little bit harder than Mizuno. I love my Mizuno wedges.
1. Practice more, I intend to join I club that I drive by to and from the office so I hopefully I can stop by there twice a week or so and work on my game. 2. Get better at shots under 100 yards, I really struggle with generating height and spin on less than full wedge shots. 3. Get handicap to 0. 4. Try out a hybrid and figure out what club I can drop to make room for one if I like it. 5. Play more competitive tourneys, not get nervous about them and play to...
Never had an ace, eagled a couple short par 4's and made 20 or so eagles on par 5's.
I wanted Freddie to win as well and his 2nd on 18 looked like a shank. His short range putting stroke is hard to watch though. His full swing shots are pieces of art.
Pro V1 Pinnacle in scramble events.
Best part of my game - hitting greens in regulation Worst part - getting enough loft/spin on shots under 100 yds.
Here in the Twin Cities I'd say the local muni's open around April 1st on average and the upper scale public and private clubs open around April 20th or so. I have golfed here around the middle of February once before, granted it was a "dogtrack" where they probably care more about revenue than protecting course conditions and we did get a blizzard with approx 20 inches 2 days later. I couldn't hit the links again for over a month!
Accelerate through the ball. Far too many beginner/poor golfers take full backswings on every shot and then are hesitant to hit the ball too hard. It's all about controlling your backswing length and accelerating from there.
I love desert golf as it's so much different from what we have here in Minnesota. Tucson is where I've been the most, but have also been to Phoenix a couple times and Palm Desert once. Sunset rounds in the desert are beautiful. Never been a fan of Florida golf, but then have never played anywhere considered top notch down there either. Someone made a comment about liking desert golf, but not Las Vegas golf. I've never played in Vegas, but am wondering what that...
My FT 4-wood is great. Penetrating, mid-height ball flight. I have a feeling these may be geared to players with higher swing speeds though.
New Posts  All Forums: