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Cleveland recently came out with a putter similar in shape to a #9 and it isn't nearly as soft. Not too pricey either.
I play Pro-V's because they are the best. (Actually the best ever were the old Titleist Professionals, but I'd have to replace them after 9 holes) I've played 3+ rounds with the same Pro-V before and it still performed like new. In my experience other top shelf balls wear out after somewhere between 9 to 18 holes.
A hacker can't break 100. A golfer always breaks 100. A player breaks 80 and occasionally goes below par.
Good luck to you, sounds like a good gig for a 16 year old. Play your cards right, do a good job, make some connections and who knows you could get even more out of it than discounts off gear.
Good to read about everyone's low scores. My best was a 67 (-5) on one of my last rounds before winter. First bogey of the round was on 17, but then I got up and down from a greenside bunker on par 5 #18 for birdie.
Does anyone have any experiences or thoughts on the durability of Odyssey inserts. Do they go bad, soften up or harden up over time?
Driver: 285 4 Wood: 250 3I: 220 4I: 205 5I: 195 6I: 185 7I: 175 8I: 160 9I: 150 PW: 140 51: 125 56: 115 60: 105
1. Danny Noonan 2. David Duval 3. Colin Montgomery 4. Corey Pavin 5. Tony D'Annunzio
I don't know what to tell you about fairway woods or hybrids, but I'd defs add a gap and sand wedge to your bag.
I'm against iron covers and here's why.... My first job was caddying at the local country club. My first loop ever was for a woman who had those Yonex carbon/graphite/plastic or whatever headed "irons" and each one had a small leather headcover with a zipper. This lady musta shot 140+ and I had to unzip and zip a headcover for all 140+ plus shots. On top of that I lost one or two of them and she stiffed me (a 11 year old kid) on the tip. I've never seen a "player"...
New Posts  All Forums: