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Irons = Mizuno
I wouldn't buy Nike, Adams or Nickent. I don't know why, they just seem gimmicky and use too many bright colors on their stuff.
I currently have a 4+ wood and am looking to replace it with either a Callaway FT 4 wood or a Mizuno F-60 4 wood. I'd rather carry an extra wedge than 2 fairway woods. I probs only use my fairway wood 2-3 times a round while I'm always mixing up my wedges from 125 yards and in depending on the situation I find myself.
3.25" wood tees with the natural wood color for my driver. Whatever broken stub I can find on the tee box when hitting an iron or 4-wood.
Good luck with the new equipment and your game. Waiting for new stuff is the worst.
Not to rain upon your parade, but I find it funny that your swing stats changed so much once the $300 shaft was used. Did you try any reasonably priced non-stock shafts as well?
Is it the gun blue or charcoal mist version? If it's gun blue you should buy some silicone spray and silicone cloth to wipe it down with after use. If it's charcoal mist it should be pretty maintenance free other than keeping it clean and dry when not playing. The Circa putters are pretty sweet. I'm thinking about getting a #2 as well as my 2 #3's.
I really have a problem making a good stroke at these putts. As a right handed golfer these are generally accepted as the toughest putts to make from short range, but that shouldn't keep us from making them. I always seem to make a very poor stroke, usually outside to inside stroke, thus cutting the putt and missing it right. Does anyone have tips on these? If I try to make a very short backswing it seems to help, but I still tend to cut and then miss these putts.
I once knocked it on the green from over 200 out with an 8 iron (Tommy Armour 855 that had 40 degrees loft). A good full shot with that club would go 155 under normal conditions. It was downwind from a very nice flyer lie in the rough. It wasn't downhill either, so I don't doubt that Sergio could do it with a 9 iron.
I voted for the Open's 4 hole playoff. Instant sudden death brings too much luck into the equation and a full 18 hole playoff on Monday drags the event out too much and probably lessens the interest by average fans. How about a 9 hole putt-off on the practice green like we do at the local muni?
New Posts  All Forums: