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It was a joke to have 17 be the first playoff hole in sudden death because there is too much luck involved on that hole. The Players should go to a 3 hole playoff (16, 17, 18) to decide. That would be entertaining and still be able to showcase 17.
I don't see how topping a golf ball could cause that dent.
I'm thinking about joining a private club. Can anyone help me out with their experiences about being a member at a club. Positives/negatives? The one I'm most interested in would probably be considered middle of the road when it comes to costs and exclusivity. Thanks
I'm not sure. What I do know is that my new MP57's are indeed approx 1/2" longer than my old Ping i3's that I've used for the last 6 years when I line them up for comparisson. It's just weird because I wouldn't think an extra 1/2" could cause issues. I'm hoping that it's more an issue of being early in our golf season and not my swing or clubs.
I probably use my SW 75% of the time. If I'm short sided I'll use a LW and if I have more than usual amounts of green to work with I'll use my GW or 9 iron.
I got new MP-57's this winter and was fitted at Golfsmith. They suggested I have the irons made 1/2" longer. I've always made larger that average divots with my irons so I know my margin for error is small when it comes to chunks. Now that the weather has warmed up and I've been able to hit my new babies all I seem to do is chunk them. I'm starting to wonder if it is me or the 1/2" extra length in the shaft. Any thoughts?
I got new MP-57's this year and am struggling with my 3 iron. Granted, the season is young here in Minnesota, but after playing 4 rounds and hitting the range once I'm finding the 3 iron to be troubling. I either chuck it or hit it decent but no more than 15-20 feet off the ground. Maybe I just need to find my swing or practice more. I also switched from Ping i3 oversize to MP-57 so the new 3 iron looks like a butter knife compared to the Ping.
My sig has what I'm pretty much set on playing this year. I'm thinking about making a fairway wood change as my current one is 10 yrs old. Maybe a Callaway FT or Taylor Made Burner TP. I'm also tinkering with either my Circa #3 of XG #9 as my flatstick.
I'd keep your current irons and see how much you do end up playing. If you only play once or twice a month your current irons will probably be sufficient. If you catch the golf bug you'll know when it's time for an equipment update. No reason spending lots of $$$ for something you are not sure that you'll take up seriously.
I got fitted at Golfsmith for my irons and driver. They use swing tape to find the appropriate lie angle and a launch monitor for shaft flex. Not the most technical fitting, but probably adequate for most players. If you want an in depth fitting you may want to look elsewhere.
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