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One of the main commentators on the European Tour for the Golf Channel is a Scottish guy called Dougie Donnelly! I am from England but now over in the States and I love listening to his coverage along with the other announcers! In my eyes, the presentation of the event is essential although at the end of the day, as an avid golf fan I would pretty much watch any sort of golf whatever announcers were present!
I would definitely concur with the opinion that Stenson has been the best player in the world over the last month, maybe longer!! His all around game is excellent, he has no real weaknesses and is clutch at the death when he needs to be!! Definitely a player to watch out for next season!!
This young lad is a class act - he turned pro off a handicap of +6 which in anyone's world is pretty phenomenal!! He has already shot up the world rankings and is currently inside the top 50, or at least he was the last time I checked and potentially facing the prospect of playing in the Masters in April!! Keep an eye on this young lad because he can go right to the top very quickly!!
What an amazing round of golf today from Harrison Frazar - 59!! He played an almost perfect round of golf and just looked so relaxed and comfortable out there!! Almost shot 58 to match Shigeki Maruyama's at a US Open qualifier a few years ago but his putt on 18 slipped by the hole!! Congratulations Harrison, remarkable round of golf and pretty much guaranteed your Tour Card for next year!!
Giants may well go on and win again but I have a little feeling the Steelers may go on and win the Superbowl this year!!
Loving the fact that Stenson is dominating this tournament - this guy is a class act!! Nice to see Karlsson up at the top as well, Scandinavian golfers seem to have the attitude that may well see them dominate in the future!!
Gary Woodland from Wichita, KS
I am a one handicap golfer who for the majority of my career have played with a draw and tended to 'whip the club inside' on the takeaway! However, over the last 18 months I have changed this to attempt to straighten the ball flight and surprise, surprise I have over done this and I now have the problem of taking the club way too far outside the line! When I am swinging solid I play with a nice fade but sometimes when I am struggling I have a tendency to come over...
I have always preferred playing in the afternoon but I have performed good teeing off early in the morning! I think it is all psychological and the weather certainly has a major influence! Rain, cold, windy - I certainly don't want to be getting out of bed early so I would rather give it a chance to improve later in the day!!
I don't think many would have predicted Sean O'Hair to come out victorious at the PODS this last weekend but well done to the lad because he played a really solid tournament, especially the final round where everyone else at the top of the leaderboard fell away. Stewart Cink will be kicking himself after this one - ok, he was well and truly destroyed by Tiger at the matchplay and he will be the first to admit that he was able to take a lot of positives out of that week. He...
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