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The weights from the e-bay sight work great. I have a newport where i have a 15g weight in the toe and a 25g weight in the heel. When I putt poorly, I tend to shove the ball. This weight configuration really helps in releasing the putterhead through the ball.
To take a grip off easily, Golfsmith has an inexpensive tool you can get. It's almost like a metal hangar. You just slip the end under the grip, put some grip solvent in between, and work the tool down and around until it slides off. If you do a lot of work on clubs this is a must have item.
Hopefully, for her, she is spending time away from her parents while at school. A lot of her mistakes can be traced to them. From the way she developed her career to her attitude. If she can get a dose of reality from her peers at school and gain some independence from her parents, then she should be able to get her golf career back on track later.
I don't think he's promoting a handsey motion as much as he believes the putterhead path should be inside to square to inside. This motion can be done by turning the shoulders and keeping the hands reasonably quiet. He feels this is a more natural approach to putting and like a mini-swing. This is different than the Dave Pelz method of straight back and straight through. I find that if I try the straight back method that I have to manipulate my hands to keep the putterhead...
Have used Cleveland wedges for years. Just got the new Callaway X-Forged (52 and 58 C grind). They are designed by Roger Cleveland and remind me of some of his earlier designs. Also re-shafted them with the Rifle spinner wedge shaft which gives a great feel in wedges.
I've read both books and found them helpful. It particularly helped me in the sand, which is my weak spot. The idea behind the putting stroke is not unlike the stroke Scotty Cameron promotes and is behind the development of the Detour putters.
I wonder how this grip would work with one of the "Heavy Putters" which is supposed to do the same thing. You sure would have a hard time noticing the weight differential.
The Greatest Game Ever Played, about the battle at Brookline between Ouimet, Vardon, and Ray is a very good winter read.
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