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also, could a teaching pro who gave you lessons be charged as an accomplice in this crime? would make for an interesting case
rory is better than tiger, imo, because he is irish, i am also irish
beer is ok since its not a performance enhancer
imo, folks need to find role models for their kids other than athletes. not that some athletes are great well-rounded persons who bring a wonderful soul essence to their life and community but this automatically because they are bigger and stronger and faster than other people, they are role models for are kids is dumb. how about doctors, scientists, humanitarians, firemen and firewomen, folks who make great sacrifice to their community, these are the people that...
well, since he apologized, i am going to take the rosetta stone course and learn some jamaican slang
best rory mcilroy worst allen doyle
a photograph has turned up of michael phelps smoking marijuana
better hurry and get out before monday or you'll be there unit april, mega storm coming
snowed in, can't get out or i would send you money
"the hammer" is made with zolex
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