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Portland, OR has a couple of great munis: Eastmoreland, an H. Chandler Egan design. Old style Parkland course. Hosted the Publinx back in 1990. Heron Lakes is a 36 hole RTJ II layout. Very different 18s.
Just got back from my second trip to Bandon. My favorite is still the original. Loved Old Mac and it goes to #2 followed by Trails and then Pacific. I know Pacific is many people's favorite but it just doesn't fit my eye (and game). The preserve is a kick. Our group has already book edits 2013 trip.
I love my Wilson Staff FG Tours. A great value compared to Mizuno & Titleist.
I had an L5-S1 micro-discectomy 5 weeks ago. Played my first round today since. A bit shaky with the short game but otherwise pretty happy with an 87. Kept the swing smooth and easy.
You can't go wrong with any of the courses. First time through I would choose Bandon. Its right there at the lodge and has a great feel about it.
I like ASU Karsten. Close to downtown and a fun course. Remember to ask if the course has completed its overseeding. You don't want to play if they haven't.
Brand New. Never been hit. I won it in a contest (really). I can send you the link to the list of winners. C'mon someone make me an offer!
Son is on to yet another driver.  He needs to sell this one!  Good condition.  Buyer pays shipping.
My Son is selling his 2009 Callaway X-forged Irons.  3-PW w/ PX 5.5 Flighted Shafts.      Probably a  7.5/10.  Grips need to be replaced.  Still a very desirable iron.    Buyer pays shipping.
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