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I don't carry my 3W or 5W anymore. The Hybrids that I carry do the trick out of the rough, in the fairway and provide the distance that I need.
I have 2 Cleveland HaLo's. They fit my eye really well and have a great feel to them. I got the #2 and #3. They are forgiving and get through the rough really well. I only paid $50 for them brand new on eBay and couldn't pass up that deal. I got graphite shafts and just try and swing easy. Hit a few and see how you like them.
I was on a short par 4 that doglegged to the left over a creek. I put my drive into the deep rough and had not shot to the green due to the trees. So I punched out to the fairway and simply rolled it out there. Unfortunately, a bird was sitting right in the middle of the fairway and didn't move...next thing I know, the bird just falls over on it's side dead.
I usually put in my contact lenses when I play golf. If I have to wear my glasses...I have a clip on polarized sunglasses to help with the glare. I always wear sunglasses while playing. I wear contacts and the glare of the sun is just too much for my sensitive eyes. I have some Smith Sliders that allow you to easily change lenses based on the light conditions. I have some Polarized lenses, Amber and Yellow. When it is dusk and the light levels are going down, I pop...
I have volunteered at Nationwide tour events for 5 years. I always do the "Walking Scoring" which basically allows you to follow a group and keep score of each player. You have to cary a palm devise and input each swing. I liked it because you could follow the group inside the ropes. Depending on the player, you can chat and visit with them during the round. You have to be wiling to walk 18 holes and keep up, but for me, that was the fun part. I would rather walk...
I have a Nike Sumo 2 driver and Cobra Irons. I would say that for Drivers..there are a lot in the same price range, go with the one that you hit the best. Irons, I am very pleased with my Cobra's. Being in the same company that owns Titleist does give me the confidence that the technology is top notch. They have really helped my game and privide great feel and forgiveness. Can't go wrong with Cobra.
Athough I don't like the fasions...the web site is set up really well and is certainly going after a demographic that has a harder edge to fasion. You got to hand it to them that although this image isn't the traditional golfer, it certainly is targed to a group that we have all seen on the course, but maybe didn't have a clothing line dedicated to them. I still remember the rumblings over the "Trucker" hat with the old school webbing. I must admit that I didn't...
Good for Cleveland. They have some great names and they are really stepping it up. Combined with the new Srixon commercials...they are hitting the market pretty hard. Especially with Callaway and Titleist going after each other in court, Srixon is creating a lot of positive publicity.
Has anyone played in the Golf Galaxy Tour? My playing partner and I are looking at playing in some events this summer and wondered how they are. http://www.golfgalaxytour.com/page/show/17457-home
I have played both and I prefer the NXT Extreme. I felt like the DT Roll was a bit hard for my taste and the NXT Extreme felt better for me. I liked the ball flight of the NXT Extreme and didn't think the "roll" with the DT roll was really there. I also tried the DT Carry and liked it a lot more than the DT Roll. I liked the ball flight more and it felt better on all hits, from irons to putter.
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