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Where in the states are you? If your close I'd be more than happy to lend a hand. I'm in the Cincinnati area.
I agree 150%
I suck right now because haven't played a lot lately since being diagnosed with leukemia but I've played with blades the entire time I've played. You don't like what you play with? Your the type of jerk that makes a lot of people not want to play golf because they're afraid that their equipment or how they look will be laughed at so yeah I love the look of a blade and if thats funny to you because that's the reason I play them then you have a sad life so do me a favour and...
I have one and I suck! I also play blades why you may ask is because Ilike how they look. I don't give two sh*ts what people think, when they're paying for it then they can have an opinion until then F--K 'EM! Also I walk every course I play and push my bag around on a three wheeled cart. So I say why wait treat yourself now and if some has a problem with it show them where they can stuff their opinion.
I tried this method on two different rounds, one sunday, and one yesterday. I found, for me, that it got better every hole, 3' and in I looked at the ball. I think I 3 putted 4 times in both rounds, which excited me about the technique so I'll practice it more. I am with Wils5150 though, when I was playing a break I looked at the spot I thought would be correct for the break not the hole. Dave.
How do you get it to hinge?
I guess I'm the oddball. I'm a Titleist fanatic mine are all Titleist from the 907 D2 driver to the Titleist Scotty Cameron putter and they're in a leather Titleist staff bag lol my buddies all think I'm crazy ,but they just work for me.
Is this still available?
I would definitely like to read that, so yeah please scan and post.I've never thought about putting this way and can't wait to try it. Thanks for posting it.
did anybody else see this? very sad. "Elderly golfer dies days after injury PRINT RSS Updated Oct 17, 2010 11:28 PM ET Authorities say a man who was hit in the head with a golf ball at a Southern California country club has died. The San Bernardino County coroner's office said on its website Sunday that 69-year-old Hiroshi Tango died at a hospital Saturday. On Oct. 7, Tango was playing golf at Los Serranos Country Club in Chino when he was hit in...
New Posts  All Forums: