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I think it's awesome that Jesus chose to help Derek Ernst win a golf tournament rather than stopping untold numbers of drunk rednecks from raping their own children. What I can't figure out is why Jesus has allowed that buddhist Tiger Woods to win so many times. WTF?
Just ordered. Looking forward to getting started and getting consistent.
Technically, any final stroke that results in the ball being in the hole, is a "hole-out". My point was that is surprises me that people were calling it a "chip-in" because it most certainly was not a chip by any definition.     Definition: The term "hole out" can be used as a noun or a verb: Noun: A "hole out" is a shot that results in the ball winding up in the hole. As such, every last stroke on a given golf hole is a "hole out," since...
Certainly looks like a hole-out to me. What it doesn't look like is a chip of any sort :-)
  Why is everyone calling this a chip-in? That's not a chip shot.
Bandon Dunes is the most scenic and least punishing, that's what they will tell you in the pro shop if you ask. Weather is a crap shoot on the southern oregon coast in the winter. We went mid January last year and got lucky, windless, dry and 58 degrees. Also, we could have walked on that day. The course was NOT crowded.
This, plus new Blitzen Trapper, and new New Pornographers.Not sure what I think of "Infinite Arms", but the other 3 are FANTASTIC.
This wasn't directed at you, Gilles - but including your thread we have all these just on the first few pages in off-topic. All should have been posted in Golf Talk IMHO Just sayin'... golf clubs from US to Europe Practice Diary Soon to be new HS golf coach, please help!! The Hottest Professional Golfer Apple's new iPad for golf Persuading the non-golfer Being John Daly sucks. Dear Golf Channel 2010 North Texas Golf Show - Two thumbs way down (for me anyway)
this is an "off topic" forum. Why all the golf topics? This is such a tightly moderated board in almost every other aspect, this just surprises me I guess. If the topic is at all related to golf, it belongs in Golf Talk, no?
Even though I'm an hour plus south of PDX, I can back up Blades on the year-round golfing in the PNW. Sure there are some days where it's pouring and depending on the course, drainage can be a problem, but we don't let that stop us
New Posts  All Forums: