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Not a member, but I play these courses often.They are definitely two of my favourites: http://www.redwoods-golf.com/ http://sandpipergolfclub.com/golf/pr...pipergolfclub/
23 degree baffler DSW. Right in my wheelhouse. Tend to pull a bit if anything, not block or slice.
Thanks, I'll check 'em out ...good talkin at ya, Nanaimo. She who must be obeyed says we're leaving now -- dancing (ouch). later... nibel
Yeah, Redwoods is one of my favourite courses for sure. BTW I have a G5 driver but like most of us I'm constantly in 'the search'. How do you like the Rapture?
The courses I play most often nearby are: Fort Langley, Redwoods, Belmont, Sandpiper, Homestead (Lyndon, WA). Don't belong to a club as I don't want to get tied down ...like to roam about and discover new courses. I head out on two different golf 'tours' each summer for a three day trip: one we head down into WA state, the other somwhere new each year. This year we're doin' Whistler. How about you? Never played Nanaimo area, just Victoria e.g. The Bear, Olympic, Arbutus,...
Scool teacher? Sorry, just had to do it...as I'm a teacher myself
Seven years ago, my first game on a regulation course. Got there early so I could familarize myself. I'm looking for the putting green and a guy on the patio yells "it's right in front of you, dude!". It was the 18th green. To hear the rest of this true story, I need to get to know you better...
Hello Nanaimo Yeah, it's been a brutal winter range-wise. Normally I'm hitting balls right thru but not this year. Tomorrow's the day though I see you're a Ping man. I bought Rapture irons including wedges last year and love 'em! Especially the shafts. Like my G5 driver as well but will test-drive the G10 soon. My Rapture 3 wood... can't hit it worth a darn. keep it in the short stuff, GoGolfing
Depends, of course, on the area you visit. The list below is by no means comprehensive, but it will get you started. I've played them and they're all must-plays IMO, but I've bolded my favourites. Okanagon near Kelowna: The Bear, Gallagar's Canyon, Predator Ridge South Okanagon: Fairview Mtn Shuswap Lakes area: Salmon Arm, Hyde Mtn Kamloops: Rivershore, Dunes Whistler: Big Sky, Nickalaus North Lower Mainland (Vancouver area): Redwoods, Northlands, Fraserview Harrison...
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