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Find a reputable teacher. Do only what he says. Stop reading golf magazines other than entertainment value only. (This will cut down on the millions of different quick fixes that golf magazines put out to confuse you and trick you into thinking there are shortcuts to getting better). Ultimately, the best way to get better faster is to stick with one theory from a reputable teacher and groove the theories that he is teaching you by hitting a consistent regiment of balls...
If you want to make people jealous, buy the cameron. If you want to make more putts, buy the Odyssey.
new decade multicompound. best performance grips out there imo.
If Sam Adams wasn't such a weight-gainer I would drink it for every meal.
Titleist, Titleist, Titleist.
I just reshafted my old Cleveland Launcher with a V2 shaft and it made a big difference. Alot straighter and more length while still maintaining the look and feel of the smaller head.
v2 for sure. Best shaft for the money. A very stable shaft for the bigger head drivers. Can't go wrong with a v2.
I love Titleist irons but don't care for Vokey wedges. Way too clunky and and not very much feel. They are the best spinning wedge out there but there is more to a wedge than just spin. If you are just looking for spin, just get a $20 groove scraper and clean them out every once in a while. To each his own but imo Cleveland's are the best balanced, most versatile wedges out there.
I tested the vokey's and cg15's side by side and for me there was no comparison. I found the vokeys way too clunky and hard to hit. I either hit them too heavy or too thin. The cg15's for me are an all around better wedge. Better balanced and consistently produce crisper contact around the green and from the fairway. The cg15's have taken some off of the toe so it's easier to open it up around the green for delicate flop shots as well. The one thing that vokeys have...
Planning a trip to Sedona, AZ in June and am trying to play a couple of times during the week. I saw a couple of really nice courses for around $100/each and wondered if anyone has played them. Any thoughts on really nice public courses in the area? Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: