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I still cant hit my damn lob wedge consitantley. Thats why I put the trusty ol' 56 back in the bag.
I think its a bit much for people to be saying that iron covers are to much of a hassle. It takes an extra second to pull the cover and stick it in your pocket. As for placing it back on the iron, I do that while I am walking to my next shot. I always carry the club that I hit with me so I can clean out the grooves, then I stick it back in and pull the next club. I also dont understand why people would be fumbling with the covers and struggling to find the right club...
Excellent explanation. I was having trouble thinking of a way to explain to him so that he could better understand the difference.
Dont get BURIED. Dont get yourself in so deep that you feel you have to make incredible things happen to pull yourself back out of it. If you card a bad score for a hole, completley forget about it. Take time out on the next tee to breathe and start fresh. You can only beat yourself up. Its easy to say, but fundaMENTAL golf. Stick with the basics and dont make things to complicated for yourself. I feel like Bagger Vance a lil' telling you these things. Dont...
All of his "mainstream" music is weak now. I still bump to the underground mixtapes though. Those are some of the best raps thats out there now. I wish he would release one of those for the masses.
I honestly wonder if you are a real golfer. Have you ever been on the course or the range for that matter and someone yells in the middle of your backswing. Do you know what happens? You flinch, not all the time, but enough to where you throw the club off of its intended path. Golf is a concentration sport, where basketball and football you could be playing loud music through speakers and every person in the crowd can be yelling and it wont matter. If you dont...
Favorite sport to play: Golf. So frustrating, yet so rewarding. Noone to blame but yourself if things go wrong. Favorite sport to watch: Football ( North American Style, Baby! ) Both Pro and College. Cant beat the atmosphere of college and you cant beat the pure awesomeness of Prof. GO BADGERS AND PACKERS!!! Rodgers is going to get it done this year. Superbowl or Bus... Well not bust, but Superbowl or Wait till' next year. WOO HOOOO!!!
47PW, 52GW and 60LW for myself. Thinking of putting my 56 back in the bag though. My new 60 has been acting up on me. Classic operator at fault though.
Does that mean you wont be making any of the cuts on tour. If I am wrong the golf channel televises first and second round coverage. Aim higher young one. Say CBS or NBC. Come on now. With all seriousness, Best of luck to you. I honestly hope you do make it.
Seeing as how golf is a game that is played between the ears aswell as on the course I dont see anything wrong with a spectator yelling something that encourages the golfer, or wishes generally good things for him, as long as its after the swing. I remember a few years back when DL III was playing a tournament, cant remember the name of it though, and he was playing with Tiger. After Tiger hit a great drive down the fairway Davis Love stepped up to the tee and hit an...
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