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 Stealing sunglasses off a sleeping man’s head. That’s just wrong.The recommendation on the Body Glove polarized looks like a good call. Appears to be a good pair of sunglasses for the price.
The manufacturer claims that if a foursome were to use these instead of conventional 2 person carts it can cut off an hour+ from an 18 hole round. Probably is a time saver, but on the rare times I’m riding in a cart, its usually with a buddy on a special occasion and I enjoy the conversation while riding together.  
 So, 10 years ago you weren’t sporting Burrows Golf MAC Powersphere woods? By the way, I recall when Burrows Golf went bankrupt, there was talk of Nike buying some of their patents. I wonder if that’s how they got into the Covert cavity technology. 
 Thats because I wasn’t talking about the OP’s modified broomstick method of anchoring. Hence, the reason I didn’t quote him with my responce. My comments were about the same issue with anchoring to the belly. At least Tee2Trees understood where I was going with it. You, apparently not.
 Some players, including a few on the tour, prefer the higher MOI that can be obtained with a longer putter (that isn’t meant to be anchored).In fact, Odyssey introduced a putter last year called the Tank made specifically for this.See photo and description below.  Nicolas Colsaerts became the second PGA TOUR player to put Odyssey's new Tank putter in play this season — Matt Every was the first at the Northern Trust Open — when he used a 40-inch version on Thursday at the...
  How is this the least repeatable, clunkiest, and most difficult to perform under pressure stroke you have ever heard of?Its simply a long putter an inch (or so) away from touching the stomach.Think before you write. 
I still think the ruling was unnecessary and unfair, but I agree that ship has sailed.   I anchor the putter with the end pivoted and against my stomach. I have been experimenting putting the same way, with the same putter, but with the butt end about an inch away. The difference is negligible. I simply start the stroke with my shoulders instead of my hands. My putter is 43 inches and I’ll probably have about an inch cut off because sometimes the end catches on my...
 Yes, and twice the accuracy seems even more important.So the new driver is 8-10 yards longer (not that big of a deal) but more forgiving and twice as accurate (a really big deal, to most golfers).I got done watching the video thinking that new drivers are worth the money.
So, we have established that the Medicus is a club, (but a non-conforming club) and counts as part of the club count in your bag. Therefore, you could carry it along with 13 other clubs and swing it all you want during the round, just so long as you don’t strike the ball with it?
In this instance, she sets her club down (forgetting that her ball is still in the hazard).    
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