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Ishikawa gets loose by hitting one-handed bunker shots & swinging a club w/ a 2kg medicine ball attached to it...  
I’ve never fully understood the ruling on distance stakes. More specifically the ones in the middle of the fairway. At a lot of courses they are painted wood with a spike at the bottom. With those types, I always see the golfer pull it out of the ground toss it to the side, make their shot and place it back. Is this within the rules?
 I agree.Golf Digest has been trying to rebrand itself, with transparent efforts to make itself younger and “edgier”, and has failed miserably.Its a publication exclusively intended for the sport of golf. Having photos of Paulina Gretzky, Jimmy Fallon, and Johnny Manziel on the cover isn’t going to attract non-golfers to buy the magazine. All its going to do is lose credibility with its core golfing readers.Burning a bridge with one of the marquee players in the game (like...
I've never been one to defend Tiger, but on principle I think he has a point. When Jenkins tweets that he thinks he “let him off easy”, it seems to validate Tiger's point that it was a vendetta piece with a lame cover of being parody/satire.
I’ve played several courses in Ohio that have these. All of ones I’ve seen are permanent. They are huge and the post is buried in the ground (I assume in concrete).    
Its hard to gauge other aspects of the game with technical advances in the ball and clubs (especially the ball) from generation to the next.   I was wondering if all the incredible variations of R&D into putter heads and shaft/neck/grip options has resulted in better putting for the tour pros of today. It probably has made it a bit better for the average golfer, but if you were to take 20 top touring pros from today and 20 from the 1960’s (who mostly would be using some...
 Like her friend in this photo?She's thinking: “hey, where’re you putting that left hand you self-loving camera hog?” 
Along the same lines (no pun intended). This is really a great exercise to stretch the necessary muscles. I bought a 10’ wood curtain rod at Home Depot and cut it down to 8’. The simple workout in the backyard has made a great difference.    
      Look at the all the wedges coming out with extra large soles/bounce: I.G. Taylormade ATV Wedge, the Nike Dual Wide Wedge and the Cleveland Smart Sole Wedges.   These (I assume) are meant for people who aren’t looking for perfection out of bunkers and tall grass around the green. Just the easiest way out, somewhere on the green in one shot.   Which leads us to the much maligned Alien wedge from 20+ years ago. Sure they had terrible marketing (see TV...
 Why would you ever present someone you don’t know as an example for your kids?The biggest influence on values comes from what the kids see from their parents.
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