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But you CAN putt with a sand wedge (or any other club for that matter). Someone on the PGA tour had to do just that for several holes this year when he knocked a removable weight off of his putter (changed the characteristics) by hitting it on the ground (not in the normal course of play). Decision 4-3/9
Also for his ball, even if there is a hill he should drop it on the hill. Yes it would probably roll down, but after the second time he does this the correct procedure is to place the ball at the place where the ball is dropped a third time. Again, he performed a wrong drop. See Rule 20-2c
Nice Challenge. Play them net. Each player gets the strokes for his handicap compared to your scratch score. Assuming you are talking Course Handicaps vs Index, you give player A 12 strokes, player B 14 strokes, and player C 24 strokes. Allocate them to the holes accordingly and you should have yourself a great match of 3 on 1.
So Mr Useless, what made you decide to go with uPro vs Sky Caddie, or Sonocaddie or any of the others? Are the Denver City courses mapped? How much is the unit? I'm about at the end of my current Sky Caddie year and with it costing me money to get it repaired for the 2nd time I'm looking at my options.
www.cogolf.org for the Colorado Golf Association. I go there every once in a while, the association tournament information is good, as well as the updates on the old Murphy Creek Course (CGA Home Course) is good too. check it out
I have to echo MunkeyGolfers recommendation of Yes! and the fitting process. I did the same thing with my center shafted Natalie and haven't looked back. The putts are falling like never before, and people that I play with comment on how my ball immediately starts rolling off the face.
However some of the golfers didn't get their 18 holes in (no pun intended) as the following article suggests that there were at least 2 complaints that Broomfield police responded to. And though Eagle Trace cooperated with police, it sounds like it was not a good situation for the kids with the women straddling golfers in the clubhouse. http://www.9news.com/news/article.as...3&provider=top And what kind of charity accepts this money???? Strippers...
Could be simple tendinitis, could be something else. Make sure you take an anti-inflammatory and ice it for a couple of days. Shouldn't mean you can't still golf though.
Munkey, you'll love the fitting. It's pretty quick, but the guys are good. As for me I'm playing 18 holes this afternoon, then another 18 tomorrow with a buddy, and finally another 18 in club match play on Saturday. I'd go for Sunday too, but I think the wife and the twins will want daddy home.
check out the hats at www.sundayafternoon.com They are lighter than the Tilley's shown, wear like iron (I've had mine for over 12 years), and come out looking great after a washing or after being stuffed in my golf bag. I have the adventure hat, but they have styles that can meet just about anyone's needs.
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