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I would say just try a few sleeves of a few different balls you are interested in. Most golf ball companies have info about their golf ball lineup and how much spin you should expect from each ball. Pick a mid priced, higher spin ball and see if it helps you. My recommendations would be to try the bridgestone e5 (about $26 per dozen) and the titliest nxt tour (about $30 per dozen).
Hi All, I'm taking a trip to the Rutland VT area, and I'm wondering if anyone has a course to reccomend.   I have been looking at Neshobe Golf club and Green Mountain National.  I know GMNGC comes up on most lists I've seen, but Neshobe looks like it could be a better value.   I would be playing with my girlfriend, so a challenging but female friendly layout would be nice.  I'm sure all she cares about is having some good scenery.   Any input would be...
This is why I NEVER play without compression shorts. I'm a pretty skinny guy, (6', 170) and this is still an issue for me if I just wear regular boxers.
Put your change in your left pocket. Go on, do it. Now, tie your left shoe in a double knot. Right now, do it! Turn the hat backwards. Turn your hat around. Do it, ohio lefty! Take this tee and stick it behind your left ear...
it depends greatly on your ball trajectory. Think about it, if you hit your wedges Sky high, and they are coming almost straight down when they land, a downhill target will barely make any difference at all.
First round of golf I ever played was at Miacomet GC on Nantucket. They recently renovated all of the original 9, i can't wait to get back there. I got in a round at Waverly Oaks, which is set to close this month (if it hasn't already). I'm pretty sad about that. Other than that I have only played some of the mediocre layouts. Far corner was my home course last year. Bradford CC was a quirky little track, but I've heard bad things about its conditions this year. ...
I would love some opinions about rain gear, specifically pants. Brands/models you like. Necessary features. Advice on fit. etc... I'm looking for my first set, and I'd like to do it right, but I'm also hoping not to kill my bank account. thanks.
I do not mind water boarding, but I want some form of official regulation or overview process implemented to strictly govern its use. Probably unrealistic... Q - Whats your favorite book.
I think that's a ridiculous statement...
I hit this course up last week. Fun layout, I really enjoyed it. Definitely not a true links design at all, but there were some fun shots to be made. Greens were absolutely lightning fast. Check it out if you can.
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