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32 miles road cycling, five miles on treadmill (three running, two walking).  
Ahh, missed it
Did no one see what happened to Jordan on the last fairway? He addressed the ball , started to swing and backed off. He said, "did you see that?" I thought the ball moved
So, did Speiths ball move in the fairway?
Well, I don't play old clubs anymore but I played a set of Ping irons for about 17 years and the original Callaway Big Bertha woods (Driver - 3 wood - 5 wood) for almost as long.  Unless you simply can't afford any sticks I don't see the point in playing the really old stuff with the plethora of choices we have at our disposal that make the game more fun and enjoyable.  You still have to be able to swing the sticks decently but technology does help.
To the OP.....I get it.  But my advice is to nod, say thanks, and go on about your round.  There are all kinds of folks playing golf (some very nice, some soooo annoying).  Learning to be polite yet focus on your own game is a good skill to learn.  You don't have to be best buddies with the guys you get paired with, but you don't have to be an a**hole either.  We all have different motivations for playing the game but a common denominator for most of us is to have fun....
I have two sons (grown now, 7 years apart) and both took up the game.  My oldest was a decent ball striker but the strength of his game was his putting.  He just had an excellent stroke and tremendous feel on the greens.  His downfall was his attitude.  Once he hit a bad shot he struggled to keep his game together.  When the second real bad shot happened in a round, well, that round was basically over.  When my youngest took up the game I talked to him about the older...
Golf has changed meaning for me quite a few times in my life.  It was a competitive outlet at times.  It was a diversion.  It was a challenge that I wanted to conquer.  There were times that my self esteem was dictated by my golf score (that wasn't good).  So as I've aged it has really just become something that I enjoy more like a hobby.  I still play in a tournament here or there but it's mostly about having fun.  What I found particularly amusing this weekend was when...
Did anyone at CFA say they didn't give a damn about people who are different from themselves? No....just that they didn't agree with them.  Just because people don't agree doesn't mean they hate.  But you obviously don't get that.  You seem to want to go on tirades (mega length posts) where you can spout your superior knowledge so you can feel as such.  Fact is, you really don't know the people you have such low opinions of nor do you completely understand these "groups"...
My daughter used to work for the Cathy's and you can be sure, the closing on Sundays is because they truly care about their employees.  They go above and beyond what most employers would do to take care of their employees. But, knowing what we know about todays wired world, you definitely need to keep things on the down low. 
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