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ALL of the things in my bag (to include the bag) are used. Why? I'm a beginner and the thought of me spending 1500 for what I have just to have them new is insane. I have gently used clubs that I got for at least 50% off and they are great. I guess when I get better and I want the brand new driver I will consider it - but for right now, used is the perfect way to go.
Why did I even bother reading another post of this. I'm only up to the 2nd Algae Planet (Eye of Jupiter) episode. Arrgh.
If I smoked before a round, I would take end up taking a nap on the 6th...lol
I was searching an old forum I was on and I found this old post I made:
ahh. The fun life of being a mod/admin! On one of the boards I mod we supplement our operating costs by allowing users to ban other users for $5 (the ban is for a period of time) and allow a change of the user name for $5 for a certain period of time. Supplants our advertising/sponsors and allows other users the ability to vent steam. It's a concurrent banning, though. So A can ban B for a week and then the next week C can then ban B... Such fun!
I scrolled down to the bottom so I wouldn't see any of the above posts. I've seen the first episode but had to skip out on the second one as SciFiHD is running 10 episodes per day and I didn't want to lag so far behind. I'm up to the boxing episode (which kind of sucks) and have 11 more to go do be caught up. It's frackin awesome. I love DVRs...lol Between this Lost and Heros (getting caught up) I have no other time for other shows. Well, Battle 360 with the Big E is...
I have a 17 and 21* hybrids from Nickent (2/4). I find it difficult to hit 3 and 4 (let's just throw in 5-PW, too...lol) and they really help out. I'm better with woods and hybrids. I've actually considered selling my Callaway's to get a set of the Cleveland HiBores or maybe some Mizuno muscle cuts.
I won't regurgitate what has already been said. I play once a month and hit the range a few times a week. The biggest thing to do with my play are the fundementals. I have those fancy clubs and buy decent balls to play with - but I need more work on the fundementals.
Jeep Commander and Toyota Sequioa Limited 4wd.
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