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we are working on several new models....yes one is a center shaft....hopefully soon, Thanks
Thank You I found the discussion on golwrx....I owe you one!
Thank You andef
try custom milled putters or crissmill, Thanks
Thank you!
right now they are on ebay, waiting on our website.....I can sell directly to you
well Thank you...many, many sweat hours machining..they are actually mini screws for the logo plate..has no purpose.....we could have epoxied them on, but wanted to give it a more machined, hand made feel.....we can epoxy then on as well......but ,Thank you for your feedback, we might just do that as an option
Attachment 2053 Attachment 2054 Attachment 2055
Attachment 2050 Attachment 2051 Attachment 2052 not sure if this worked
I do, our website is still bieng worked on....how can i send the pics to you?
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