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Not much angers me but I'll add this...And maybe this is a little more advanced etiquitte but its where the pin is laid while you are putting. I try to gauge which direction my partners are putting to/from and make sure it wont interfere. I will also lay the pin uphill from the hole and pointed at it. I have played with some that will lay the pin perpendicular and downhill from the hole, while I have a downhill breaking putt in that direction....ugh! Mike
Hi! I live here in Spokane and there are plenty of challenging and affordable options here. The two better courses are Circling Raven at the CDA casino and then Palouse Ridge in Pullman at the university. I would say that Indian Canyon, Qualchan, and Meadowwood are the best City/County options. Mike
I have the SkyDroid for My S3, giving it a try for this year...  
I have to agree with this....I was having some minor lower back pain for quite awhile, and started to see a chiropractor for it.  Through him I figured out the importance of carrying extra pounds on your body and how it impacts everything, and through diet and exercise lost around 35lbs.  Guess what?  After losing the weight, most of the back pain was gone!  Another way that helped my back pain was to walk the course as much as possible; now I walk every time I play.  ...
I bought a Sun Mountain micro cart bag for my similarly-named cart....and it has 15 dividers/holes/etc for clubs....and I had to ask myself why???  If only 14 clubs legal??  Ball retriever???
It's a funny game like that....   If you swing and try to hit the ball...and miss....then it counts as a stroke....   If you make a practice swing and accidentally hit the ball....stroke   If you address the ball on the tee and knock it off the tee...not a stroke   If you address the ball while in the fairway and touch the ball and it moves....stroke   if you're on the putting green and address the ball and it moves, yet settles back into its original...
Locally Red for front, White for middle, and blue for back is what im used to around here....although there is a local course that has all white pins on the green, but has different clolor flags at the 150yd marker to indicate pin position....red, white, blue...etc to indicate where the pin is for that day
Hi! I was looking for a new driver this last winter and ended up buying into the I-Mix system. I ended up with a 10 degree and a 8.5 degree head, with three or four shafts of differing flexes and weights. I liked the 10 degree, but I like the 8.5 better; doesn't hook as much! Anyways, most of the shafts can be had pretty cheaply online at ebay etc, and there's a guide for the different shaft specs at Callaway's website. Grab a couple of shafts and see what fits...
First time out this year, shot 50/44 for 94....ugh....definitely will get better the next few times out!
I have an I-golf Neo...Fits perfectly in my pocket....I pull it out and let it stabilize for a few seconds before selecting shot etc. Never had any accuracy issues!
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