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Too much science. Step up to it, hit it, trust your instincts. And may the Force be with you, Phil.
Yup. Another march to victory. But watch out for Poulter - not too far back, going out early (in the cool of the day) - expect a bit of a charge. 69 will be a great score tomorrow.
Umm...right. I think.
I have to agree. On both counts. I made no allegation of whether I thought anyone was a lesser golfer or not. It was a reply to the stats previously quoted about Vijay and Phil M, Tiger's two closest chasers in Major titles.
Thank goodness someone else noticed! I thought it was a flashback...
I'll have to check out how Watson, Miller, Casper, etc fared.And we mustn't forget that Trevino, Player, Watson et al were all playing against each other, as well as the mighty Jack.Interesting programme I saw on Sky yesterday, called 'Overcoming the Majors'. Larry Nelson, and a couple of others, said they couldn't put a cigarette paper between Jack and Tiger but thought Tiger may just have it - but he (Tiger) isn't facing the level of competition, the Trevinos, Watsons,...
well, if all goes pear-shaped, it will be easy to get one-inch long clubs into the trash can... my wife has started playing and is very keen. handicap just established (36, natch) and now it's a question of easing her into competitions and encouraging her to play with other people, not just me...
Nice one!!! the answer depends on temperature, wind direction and altitude. I stunned myself by hitting five-irons 220 yards on a recent visit to the Mid-West; normal in the UK - this summer, anyway - is 180-190. In the UK: 220 with total confidence; 240 if i really had to do it, all was lost and it was hit or bust time. But i'd use a previously-enjoyed ball!!!
Way to go, John - right on the button. And thumbs up to you, QQ, for spotting it.
Just a suggestion, which may have already been covered - this is a brief visit between sessions. When i use the range, I begin by warming up with some wedge shots - starting with chips, then pitches, then full-blown swings. Then - THEN - i play an imaginary round in my head, round my local club. I hit driver, then iron, then allow myself two putts (naturally, I'm on the green in my head!) and on to hole two - driver, long club (depending on the wind) and so on. if...
New Posts  All Forums: