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The XCG-3 is pretty darn forgiving, as the head is huge. Unlike some others, I don't know why the size is an issue. Most people shouldn't be hitting 3W out of the rough and don't need to work it. Some people struggle off the deck with the smaller headed CB series. Unless you hit 3W alot off the tee, the TEE 4W works well for dual purpose. Ball flight is pretty high though.
I'm in as NoBogeys. Did real bad in a public league last year, hope to do better this year.
I'd agree in general, but it mostly deals with the shape, as I don't like the shape of the CG15. Cleveland, please bring back the 588 RTG...please?
I found the TM Raylor and Idea Super Hybrid to be pretty high launch.
He's trying to sell you a set. As someone else pointed out, if they fit you, they are perfectly fine. Kenny Perry did pretty well on tour with r7 irons, so I can't see how they are crappy. I wouldn't trust a thing that salesman says.
#1 = Duval The rest in no particular order... Guinness Smithwicks Boddingtons Pub Ale Newcastle Brown Ale Leffe Chimay Fat Tire Abita Amber Ale Pilsner Urquell Bud (for what it is) Honorary mention: The reborn Schlitz (which I think is the old recipe?)
It wasn't too light for me, but it felt like garbage. If anything, it was too long for me. Recently traded in the SF for a ST and it's much better so far.
Did Pavin with the US Open with these?
The MP-11 comes with the new DG Spinner shaft. Looks weird.
Some measure with or without the grip as well.
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