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Moe Norman -25 Francis Ouimet -25 Bobby Jones -25
Yes, I saw it and I just now followed the link. Very cool! I'm going to play around with it when I get to a pc. Also I know a pilot who's brain I'm going to pick, he flies small planes. I'll ask him if there's areas of the lower main land that consistently have Lower or higher air density... Thanks!
  Why have you narrowed it down to these two drivers? I've hit them both on a launch monitor and played my buddy's D2 along mine on the course. My 4 year old FT-iZ was longer than both. Between the 2, I liked the D2 much more, but launch quite high. The D3 should get you more distance if you're not needing that extra forgiveness in a driver, I'm looking forward to giving it a go this summer, might knock the FT-iZ out of the bag...
  Hey, I'm not too far from you, just across the border; will be playing North Bellingham tomorrow.   Stretch the Hips man, do a quick walk around the block to warm up and then attack those hips. I stretch the hips 2X per day. Find the Youtube vids for titleist fitness, you'll find some great stretching routines!!
  Sorry to say, you waisted your time when you suggested a calculation that would see air pressure fall to a level that is not possible. You could have chosen to put what I was trying to say into context or ask for clarification if you really wanted to be helpful; instead of trying to teach me how to calculate a percentage which was irrelevant to the query.   Nope, you'd rather argue, adamantly state I'm wrong and then offer no evidence to the contrary.   Your departure...
I dropped my $120 package down to $30, essentially losing most channels. I got Netfix which I really love. I had also planned to get an entena for OTA HD, but found out I'd only get a couple channels. The plan was to get rid of cable all together.   After a month I was dying to watch the golf channel. I cave in and all of a sudden I don't have Boomberg anymore. Buggers took it away, even though I pay more. I really, really hate the cable company!!!
  The percentage change doesn't matter and I don't care what it is. I'm after the percentage change in air density or the percentage change that an object is affected by when passing through that air density. It's the point of the whole thread, you could have chosen to look at it a different way, despite how you understood my description..
  It might very well, but I would be very surprised if the effect on air density was just 0.9% and that's what this thread is about.   The physics professor in the link I posted previously made reference to a 10% change in air pressure and the influence on golf ball distance (a 240 yard drive would be 267). He also made references to change in air pressure not being more than 5-10% usually. Since it is impossible for the air pressure to drop 10% by the way you are...
So I played in an event today at Swan-E-Set Golf course just north of Pitt Meadows BC, this is about 30 minutes north east of Vancouver. Even though the course is around a 1 hour drive from the nearest coastline, the area is below sea level. It's a place where golfers now their ball is not going to fly as far, the same goes for Golden Eagle golf course which is 10 minutes from it. I played with 7 cap, an 8 cap and of course I'm a 6 for this course.   Where I was...
    Wow, awesome info...thanks.
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