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My partner also went there and said the same. However I went to Augusta last year and saw everything. Was a few feet from many golfers on the ropes. Augusta doesn't have that overwelming crowd. Ticket sales are limited. The first player I saw appologized for " waking me with an iron shot right to my feet!
Going there Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Went last year for the first time and had a great time. Anyone out there going? Any good tips, what holes you like etc..... Restaurants, bars etc.... Jay
About 12 years ago a friend gave me a set of Titleist blades and the set had a 2 iron. I loved that iron and could hit it a mile. I have since been thru a few sets of cavity back game improvement type irons, presently a set of Taylormade Rac OS about 4 yrs old. Naturally I ordered a 2 iron when I bought them as I had always had good luck with them. I noticed about 2 years ago it started getting tuff to hit correctly. I began to slice frequently and had to raeally work at...
I actually preferthe Project X 5.5 rifle shaft over the True Temper Gold S300 Stiff shaft when it comes to throwing clubs. The varied kick point on the lower loft irons alows you to throw them a greater distance down the fairway!
OK, I had tried the AP2's with Project X 5.5 shafts. They were great and forgiving on a mishit or 2 I had. I went today and hit the Mizuno 57's Project X 5.5's. Again a great club with good distance and trajectory. I did have a few miss hits fooling around trying to fade the ball. They were very nice but I feel the Titleist AP2 is an easier and more forgiving club. I think I am waitting until it warms up. In NY with the fake range balls in the cold is a bit stupid to decide!
Adidas Tour are great, Love them
What did Sergio do?
He is a rich brat, very rich. He did some good chasing the mob but it went to his head and under Clinton it went unchecked. He hurt many good people on Wall Street but I am sure also got some bad ones. Despite what you accept as ok like men like Clinto and Spitzer, I find it sick that parents have to explain to their 9 year olds what oral sex is and why the most important man in our country is having it with a young girl and then lying about it. Or this guy who has chased...
No ones, I just thought that coming here was a good way to get away from Hillary and her type. When this whole thing started about politics. I'm from NY, look at what these people are like! Spitzer is a bad person, think of his poor children, he is a spoiled rich brat with the world at his feet and blew it. I hope his kids disown the phony. What I meant was in defense of Republicans, Bill Clinton is pretty pathetic to grab that hog Monica when he was the most powerful man...
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