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Dave, I agree that most golfers don't break 100.If they new the rules and went by them, they probably would shot about 110. It's ashame that more people don't follow the rules of the game.Personally,I wish the ones that use the foot and hand wedges would just go to the driving ranges and stay off the course.
Hello, I just tried the new Taylormade Driver pro model that had a 2* open face a few days ago.I hit everything with a slight fade.When I tried to really draw one,I would snap hook it.It probably depends on each golfer and the shaft,I would just find a demo and try it out.The shaft is going to be the key.
Also a Newbie... Business owner of a production machine shop.
I have never tried the clones,but I have tried the iron covers.I found myself getting to involved with keeping up with the covers rather than concentrating on my golf game,so after a couple of rounds I sold those iron covers on ebay.Hearing the irons hit each other is a good sound,you are outside enjoying the game of golf.
Negcx, I think you are correct.I tried this on my last round and it seemed to work.It is just so hard to convince yourself to do this.
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