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recall learning a putt stroke by using tees to create an "alley" for your putter to follow. Putt to tees instead of a hole because you can move the "hole" (tee) further away to practice different length putts. Good Luck.
I have 2 additional name suggestions: the obvious - 19th Hole Brewing Co. the more nuanced (like good beer should be) - What If Brewing Co. as in..."what if - I used a 5 instead of a 4.iron. Cheers
Like many it started with my Dad bringing me along to his golf outings. It was a rare occurence - maybe 1 or 2 times a summer. What really got me into golf was caddying - a local private course hired local boys (14-18) for a summer of caddying. I did it for 2 years. The other big influence on my golfing was being a junior member at a local course. After the first year, I was able to work at the course for playing priviledges. Cart boy, range ball picker, short-order...
Here's another thread that had similar inquiry: http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13741 This is part of my reply... I grew up on the Cape but left in the 80's. Over the years I have been back to visit family and play golf at a variety of courses. There are a lot of muni that you can choose from. I would try: Dennis Pines Bass River Highlands Blue Rock (a par 3 course) Twin Brooks (another 3 par course). Enjoy.
I probably have this backwards but I feel that when I "pull" the ball [which travels straight but left of the target] it my hips/lower body that is ahead of my arms. It happens when my weight transfer begins (more than normal) before the downward swing.
Mulligans are cheating if you only count the better of the two (or more) shots. One way to break the habit is allow yourself to hit additional balls to "prove to yourself" that you can make that shot. Just don't count them. Also use common sense about when to hit/play an extra ball. Multi-ball practice rounds are great ways to maximize you playing.
I would say high handicappers are not trying to hole ever putt. They just want to get it close. At least that was my goal when I started golfing many years ago.
It's been said before and I agree: Bump and run w/ 7 iron If wet conditions, I would use a wedge with a partial swing.
From personal experience, I would say it's more likely to have a 20+ handicapper hit longer drives than a single digit handicapper. In my teens & 20's, I would jump out of my shoes hitting the ball far...albeit all over the course, Eventally I gave up my Driver for a 3 wood for better control with acceptable distance lost. Even Tiger gave up average distance driving for better control
I would try moving the ball back in your stance for your irons - topping the ball (to me) means lifting your head or the ball is to far forward
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