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And after I outdrive you with a 4-5 yr old driver compared to your $499 brand new driver, I'll kick mud in your face too. Oh, I see that's a copy of Scotty Cameron's Del Mar.
That and the whole interchangeable weight system, but I guess that's not a reall difference????
Welcome to the board, +1 for typical Scotty haters...
Is that why you hit an Ft-5 Tour? I hear they turn you into a tour caliber driver...
Scotty hater! Jealous! Congrats man! Welcome to the club!
They are made in the USA
Well said! Out of 18 holes someone drives 14-15 times most? If someone has 18 putts in 18 holes that's AMAZING. But yet people say paying $200-$300 for an OTR Scotty Cameron is WAY TOO MUCH. These are the same people buying $300+ drivers every 3 years and only hitting it 14 times at most in 18 holes. I don't understand....
I'm sure it costs slightly more. Typical Scotty hater comment....
No the Red Circa '62 cover doesn't have a pivot tool. You can pick up the 2009 US Open Bethpage cover for much less than that. I see them going for around $100 all the time on another site.
Here you go.....Table Rock Golf Club Online $35 & Free shipping.
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