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Any information would be appreciated about playing in either Porto Alegre or Sao Paulo, Brazil.
I plan to be in Buenos Aires in October. Is there anyone on this forum from BA? I would like to play at least once. Any suggestions?
Well, I enjoy playing different courses. I am semi-retired and get to travel both for business and pleasure. Last May I finished my quest when I played Wildhorse Resort & Casino in Pendleton, OR. This was my state number 50. I have also played in 6 Canadian provinces. As for countries I now have 20 - Austria, Bahamas, Canada, Czech Republic, England, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, United Arab...
Being in my early 70's and living n Michigan here are my plans.   November - Week before Thanksgiving going with 3 others to Santee, SC for 4 to 6 days of golf.   December - Sit home look at the snow and dream   January - Trip to L.V. (pronounced "Lost Wages") with side trips to Palm Springs, CA and St. George, UT. Golf all three locations.   February - Rented condo in Gulf Shores, AL area. Lots of golf in AL & FL   March - pray for early spring   This plan is...
I keep a record of courses played and my scores. I have played 852 course in all 50 states. I have played in 6 Canadian providences and in 21 Countries. These includes course in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.   I get a logo ball from each courses played (if they have them). I display them in 100-ball racks in my den. At present I have 797 balls. Lately I also have been getting a poker chip ball marker if available. 
I have played 851 course in all 50 states and have played in 21 countries (U.S.A., Thailand, England, Canada, Bahamas, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Mexico, Netherlands, U.A.E., Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Vietnam, Japan, and Puerto Rico.   Earlier this year I finished my quest when I play Wildhorse Resort in Pendleton, ID.   I save a logo ball from each course (if they have them). At present I have 796 balls displayed in 8 100-ball...
My last 20 plays consisted of 5 in Michigan on my home course and 5 on other Michigan courses, the came winter. Played 6 in South Carolina on a Myrtle Beach trip with friends in November. Then 1 in Puerto Rico in December, followed by one in Arizona, 1 in Nevada and 2 in Utah in January. Since then have been looking out at snow and wondering if I will ever be able to play again in Michigan. I would say in playing season 5 out 20 are on my home course.
I have only played one Top 100 course: Quarry at La Quinta - wonderful   Top 100 Public Courses: Wolf Creek - (in 40mph wind - hit my only 300 yard drive) Tullymore - pretty course Bay Harbor - view of water more impressive than course Grand Traverse - The Bear - Tough but fair Boyne Highland - Heather course - beautiful and fun Ko'Olau - a Lawrence Welk reply "Wonderful, Wonderful"
With 12 months to go I would not be interested in playing with people I do not know. My stepson and the two grandsons along with a few friends I normally golf with would be perfect for me.   As to where I would play. Finish my goal of 50 states. I now have 48 and need WA, OR, ID and MT. I have played in 21 countries on 4 continents. Play a few more countries and maybe Augusta National & St. Andrews and I would pass on with no golf regrets.
I have played a few of the best Public Courses:   Wolf Creek Tullymore Bay Harbor Grand Traverse - The Bear Boyne Highland - The Heather Ko'Olau
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