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Footjoy StaSof or Titleist Players series feel best to me.
Anyone see pavin working the ball this past week the final day with couples and price? Good lord, left to right, right to left, high and low. I loved the low shots he was hitting. I have always loved him but I never realized how much he moves it at will. WOW. What a shotmaker!
Adidas FitRX are good. Not sure if they are still around though.
I have 2 sets of Wilson's from the 80's. One set is in mint shape but my 'player' set I always go back to are not mint but always serve me well. I say whatever works , works. Use whatever is treating you right. Regardless of age.
vokey! I used to use mizuno, tried a voke and never went back.
Got an old anser 2 I am knocking everything down with....just wondering what the best headcover would be for this? I can't seem to find any around. Its 80s-90s and sort of beat already so maybe it's not even worth a cover.
thanks bogey hitter... just an fyi, look at this! http://www.callawaygolf.com/Global/e...StaffPros.html
#1 ball is Titleist of course....who is #2? who is #3...etc...for tour play? Im going to say callaway #2 Taylormade #3 What do you think?
The new ones probably aren't very good but the older 90s versions were THE BEST balls I ever played. Nick Price and many other pros have won many tournaments with the older version. The new version is different I think.
8i--play it way back to deloft it into about a 4, 5 or 6 iron loft. yum.
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