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I searched the forum and couldnt find my answer so i thought i would start a new thread. Sorry if this has been beat to death.    What is every ones opinion about where to place the ball in your stance with a 3 wood. Is it the same for off the deck vs off the tee box?    Do you use the same swing?   Ive been playing for a few years now and have really shyed away from playing with any sort of fairway wood if i could help it. But as the other aspects of my game...
sold sorry. 
Ping G15 15.5* 3 wood. RH, Regular flex. Used only a few times. In almost perfect condition. Comes with head cover. 
Used Taylormade R11 driver. Regular Flex 9*. Over all good condition. Comes with head cover. I lost the tool though, its just a normal torx bit though, or you can buy at any local golf shop.    $200 shipped to the lower 48. Paypal works best. 
Set of Ping Eye 2's 2i-W. Red Dot, regular flex. Matching serial numbers. Good condition, new Golf Pride grips on 5-W.   Wear on clubs pictured are indicative to the set.    $175 shipped to any of the lower 48. Paypal works best
I understand hybrids about as much as i understand women. Ive never been able to hit them. Its my understanding that theyre supposed to be easier to hit than an iron. Says who? And what is the ball flight supposed to be like? I went to the range yesterday and hit about 100 balls with my 21* hybrid and the balls were all over the place. I was also getting more accurate and better distance with a 5 iron. Any tips on how to play these, or should I just scrap em?
yeah i just figured that he should get a set with a good core set of irons and then he can slowly start replacing the woods as he sees fit.
Do you use just old shag balls when your pracitcing putting? Or would it be wise to use the balls i would play a round with?
A friend of mine wants to start golf and wont take my advice on buying a used set of clubs. Has anybody heard much about the cleveland launcher set? I looked at it the other day the irons look ok but the drivers look like S. Has anybody played with em?
thats one of the funnier things ive read today.
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