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i picked up a set of the vr blades. 5-PW for a killer deal on e-bay brand new. right now, they are just sitting in my bedroom. scared to hit them they are so damn pretty.
lol. her face is worse that padraig harringtons when she hits a shot too. the first time they showed a pic of sally in the confessionals, my wife and I gasped. its scarey.
I just got a super sweet deal on 5-pw. i will probably just pick up a lose 4 iron later. I tried these in a swing cage once and they felt great despite having swing tape on them. I can't wait to get these. Problem is that i also have a few month old set of titleist zm blades that i love also....
get the tm r7 limited. seriously
i like and want to buy the blades as a backup set to my titleist zm's. i hit them a few times into a net and they felt pretty good. im looking forward to buying a set for x-mas
where? can u get me one!!!
really? i'll need to try that place. any idea how long it is??
Any decent courses in the OC area for under $50?? I usually play mile square in fountain valley, but that places gets super crowded and play can take almost 5.5 hrs. anyone??
alot depends on the ball too. i love my odyssey black series #9 w/ pro v.
pro v's titleist golf bag cameron newport II putter 19* titleist hybrid thats in no particular order
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