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Cool. Thanks guys.
I'm working on compiling info on new golf equipment. For those of you that keep up on the new equipment, what can you tell me about the products that are new in 2008? What new lines of clubs are out there? What about any cool new accessories? How about new balls? I actually know a little bit about the high end stuff, like the Callaway Tour-IX and the Titliest Pro V1, but what about some new cheaper models that also perform well?
I have a Polariod 36" HD TV and Direct TV HD programming. Most of the channels I regularly watch are now in HD. If Comedy Central would just go HD already, I'd be all set.
I love hard rock/metal. I play guitar (not very well, though) and my biggest influences are Tony Iommi, David Gilmour and John Petrucci. Among my favorite bands are Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater (those first three were pretty obvious, huh? :) ), Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains. For the last couple of days, I've been listening to the new Black Crowes album. It's not great, but I enjoyed it (though I love Goodbye Daugthers of the Revolution). I have also been...
It's probably not entirely fair, but they will be remembered as a team that blew the opportunity of a lifetime.
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