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6'1 35" putter. i prefer to stand fairly upright when i putt.
everything I have is new except for the bag and putter. got a new job and decided to fill my bag with Titleist and start taking lessons so maybe I can up my game a bit this year.
whats the difference in these shafts? from what i have read about the nvs it is supposed to be higher launch. is there really much difference in the two?
footjoy for me. how often do you guys replace your glove?
i must admit that i whiffed one hard sunday...wind gusted and nudged me off balance mid swing. all i could do was laugh. such is life
dont live on a golf course if youre afraid of golf balls
definitely the driver...the feeling i get watching the ball slice into oblivion makes me never want to play golf again sometimes.
ogio vision ss- $150 titleist 983k- $30 used at PGA titleist 755 irons- $350 playability at PGA cleveland CG10- $90 scotty cameron studio newport 2- $150 from craigslist $780 total but still lacking a few clubs
got a 983k yesterday really cheap and want to re-shaft it. ive been looking at the ust v2 76g stiff but im open to suggestions. thanks for the help
just got a set of titleist 755s last week and played them on sunday...im in love.
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