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 Some don't even follow the old rule "Never pick up a lost ball that's still rolling." Can't really say its gotten worse over the years though, even back in the 70's and 80's there were people that wouldn't give a thought as to how that ball might of gotten there and if it could still be in play by someone else. People not yelling "Fore" anymore is another story.  That has most definitely gotten worse.  Need an f-in hardhat on some courses anymore.
 With your 8.6 index I'd be very surprised if offset improves anything in your game, you already know how to hit a golf ball.  Just sayin.
I know exactly what you mean, and I agree with the 4th point you made in the post I quoted from.  It means more if you're a lower handicap and I assume, since you call yourself a pro, you're handicap is pretty low.  I, on the other hand, could probably shoot pretty much my normal score with your wife's clubs.
  I'm glad YOU said that.  Just about anyone else would have been burned at the stake, with many cheering in the gallery.
If you haven't already, try Carl's Golfland.  I noticed they aren't even showing a price on the G25's, they want you to call.  That might be a good sign.  They're also saying they will help you put together whatever set you want.   They're local to me and have always been competitive on their prices and their service has been first class.   Just a suggestion.
 Just got a couple dozen myself.  They were only out one year so there is no "prior generation" that I know of.  When they're gone, they're gone, replaced by the Tour Preferred  that just came out.  May be better deals going forward but $30 delivered is a pretty good deal right now.
   So what does it all mean in terms of score?  How many strokes between a players club and a GI club, or a SGI club?  2?  5?  10?  I see posts on here all the time where someone will say "with your index, you can't hit a blade".  Why can't they hit a blade?  I hit blades for 25 years and my iron game was the best part of my game and my handicap never got to single digits. I ask you WU because you're one of the tech guys on here and if you can't quantify the differences...
Can't speak on the weather but will add these three words.  Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate.  I live in SE Michigan and know from groups I've gone up with and others I've heard about, these resorts will strike deals, depending on timing and group size.  Get your best talker on the phone with the resorts you are interested in and see what happens.  Nothing is in stone with these places.
Thanks for the reply. The bag caught my attention because Divot.com has the Burton Pro on sale for $70.  Seemed like a pretty good deal.
Anyone own one?  Any opinions?   Burton always had a pretty good rep for quality.
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