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Damn,   now I'll never know which hammer hits the ground first. 
 lol, I caught that too.
Definitely driving.  A bad day is less than 10 fairways.  Not a long hitter by anyones measure but usually in the short grass.
Not sure why you're concerned about what's normal. If I got this right you've only been playing for two months, you can carry a 6 iron 200+ yards and, with the i25's, your average miss is 12 yards. I don't think there's anything normal about you. Listen to the advice of your instructor, he must be one hell of a teacher.
I'm with you on that one.  Would need a CPA to keep my score but I know I'd have a blast.
bunker hole outs, not anything memorable but I know I've had several.  Eagles, 3. all hole outs from the fairway and I remember every one.  One on a par five and two on par fours.  One from about 160 yards.
I have to believe that if you let it be known to the counter people at local muni's that you're looking for action in the "few hundred dollars" range that you'll soon have all you can handle.
Back in the early 70's I had bought a set of clubs from a place called Discount Golf that was a new chain store on the scene then.  The clubs were called MacGregor MX and I was told by the salesman that MacGregor made them only for Discount Golf.  I have no idea if that was a true statement but that's what he told me.   With these clubs having such a similar name makes me wonder if it isn't a similar situation.   Just a guess.
No one "should" get blades.  One plays or doesn't play blades because they want to or they don't want to.  No one "graduates" to blades, there are far too many touring pros that don't play them to ever think there is truth in that. The pros are as over exaggerated as the cons. As golfingdad said, there just isn't that much difference.
 So, how is the experiment going?  Just curious if you've been using them and what the results are.
New Posts  All Forums: