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Just ordered some CTCream.  Also bought a wrap device that goes into the freezer before putting around the elbow (my doctor did recommend ice).  Will post again in the future to let others know how it all works.  I'm with you about "the knife".  Would have to be life threatening before I'd let some body mechanic cut into me.
If you look at the graphs that Erik put up on page one, the acceleration is TO the ball, not necessarily THROUGH the ball.  The key is to never DECELERATE before contact (and I think Watson used that word) because that only happens because you made it happen.  In a perfect pendulum swing max velocity happens at the bottom of the swing, naturally, unless you interfere.
 I used to caddy back in the early/mid 60's and the putter always went with the woods.  6 iron and longer in the middle, 7 iron and shorter in the 3rd section.
Nike CCI forged.   They were gold in Golf Digest the year they came out but never really caught on.  $150 on ebay.   They also made a cast version so, if interested, make sure you're getting what you want.  I own a set and have always liked them.
  Wow, Just put a little ice on it, the swelling will go down.
Will second the sunscreen.Two weeks ago I had a spot of basal cell melanoma removed from the side of my neck that was about half the diameter of a golf pencil. Took 7 stitches to close. Tomorrow I go for a similar sized spot on my forehead. May have to change my screen name to scarface.Wear sunscreen.
 Some don't even follow the old rule "Never pick up a lost ball that's still rolling." Can't really say its gotten worse over the years though, even back in the 70's and 80's there were people that wouldn't give a thought as to how that ball might of gotten there and if it could still be in play by someone else. People not yelling "Fore" anymore is another story.  That has most definitely gotten worse.  Need an f-in hardhat on some courses anymore.
 With your 8.6 index I'd be very surprised if offset improves anything in your game, you already know how to hit a golf ball.  Just sayin.
I know exactly what you mean, and I agree with the 4th point you made in the post I quoted from.  It means more if you're a lower handicap and I assume, since you call yourself a pro, you're handicap is pretty low.  I, on the other hand, could probably shoot pretty much my normal score with your wife's clubs.
  I'm glad YOU said that.  Just about anyone else would have been burned at the stake, with many cheering in the gallery.
New Posts  All Forums: