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 So, how is the experiment going?  Just curious if you've been using them and what the results are.
I did just that last year.  Picked up a used set of 712 MB's off ebay last winter and used them exclusively during 2014.  My gross score average for the 21 rounds I played with them was a full two strokes lower than the previous year.  Because of the clubs?  No, I don't think so because my index barely moved which tells me my low scores stayed pretty much the same, just got rid of some of the big numbers that had been creeping into my game.  I did shoot a 38 on one of my...
Just ordered a sky pro swing analyzer.  very curious how much it will help in identifying my swing characteristics and if I can use the data to actually help my game.
I bought a set of 712 MB's a year ago off e-bay and they all have a serial number located 90 degrees to the right of where it says 712 in your second photo (the 7 iron).  Certainly doesn't mean they're fakes if they don't have it, hell, mine could be fakes because they do.   As David said above, if those are fakes they're the best I've seen.  They look exactly like mine.  So either we're both good or we both bought from the same forger.   Curious about the sellers...
always wondered if David Duvals slide started with the weighted club he was promoting at his prime.  Probably will keep wondering.  Do like my Orange Whip though.
Just ordered some CTCream.  Also bought a wrap device that goes into the freezer before putting around the elbow (my doctor did recommend ice).  Will post again in the future to let others know how it all works.  I'm with you about "the knife".  Would have to be life threatening before I'd let some body mechanic cut into me.
If you look at the graphs that Erik put up on page one, the acceleration is TO the ball, not necessarily THROUGH the ball.  The key is to never DECELERATE before contact (and I think Watson used that word) because that only happens because you made it happen.  In a perfect pendulum swing max velocity happens at the bottom of the swing, naturally, unless you interfere.
 I used to caddy back in the early/mid 60's and the putter always went with the woods.  6 iron and longer in the middle, 7 iron and shorter in the 3rd section.
Nike CCI forged.   They were gold in Golf Digest the year they came out but never really caught on.  $150 on ebay.   They also made a cast version so, if interested, make sure you're getting what you want.  I own a set and have always liked them.
  Wow, Just put a little ice on it, the swelling will go down.
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