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You should have asked before you booked. 
Why not? What's wrong with a hole where the best shot isn't down the middle? Doesn't it make it interesting to change it up by including a hole where the best choice is a particular side of the fairway? I've played some great holes with center bunkers.
Your premise is flawed. The opposite of a course that makes you think isn't an easy course.  "Thinking" courses don't have to be difficult. The best courses make you think but aren't punitive.  A course where you automatically lose a shot by missing a fairway is not a course that makes you think. It's the opposite if it doesn't give you options. A good course makes you think by giving you options. For example, go for one side of the fairway that has hazards but gives an...
Vista Verde:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/sets/72157631871478079/show/with/8131027558/  
Even though Myrtle Beach is in SC, most people associate Brunswick County NC as being "Myrtle Beach" for purposes of planning a golf vacation. There are dozens of courses in Brunswick County, NC that will give you some good golf at good prices. You can probably do 3 nights lodging and 4 days of 36 holes each for close to $400 per person if you do a package of courses that are affiliated with one another such as the Cats at Ocean Ridge or Sea Trail. That's a lot cheaper...
I'd say that the Berkshire Red Course in England is the best and most famous course that has 6-6-6 layout http://www.theberkshire.co.uk/courses/red_course/ Score Card HOLE YARDS PAR S.I. 1 517 5 5 2 147 3 18 3 480/503 5 13 4 395/415 4 1 5 178 3 9 6 360 4 14 7 195 3 7 8 428 4 3 9 488 5 11 OUT 3188/3231 36 OUT 10 188 3 12 11 350 4 4
You must not have played there in a while. They've closed 9 holes at World Tour. There are now only 18.
And a few from Whistling Straits... Got Sand?  (Here's a link to a full photo tour: http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/sets/72157631986126250/show/with/8177172688/          
Here are some photos showing a few of the "unconventional" aspects of fossil trace.            
 Which 10 courses in MB do you prefer to the Dunes? Caledonia may be the best course in MB, but there is no way it is the best course in the U.S., not even the best public course in the U.S.
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