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 The Caption says that it's from Streamsong. It looks like the Blue course at Streamsong.
Four courses I played last week. To see more here's a link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/sets/   Torrey Pines North   Barona Creek   Minnesota Valley Stone Ridge
The Berkshire Blue Course near London  
Here's a link to photos of more than 40 Orlando area courses https://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/collections/72157631972135446/
I played a course called Poggio dei Medici in Scarperia. It's about 30 km north of Florence. Beautiful setting.Here's a link to photos   https://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/sets/72157647448235146/    
You should have asked before you booked. 
Why not? What's wrong with a hole where the best shot isn't down the middle? Doesn't it make it interesting to change it up by including a hole where the best choice is a particular side of the fairway? I've played some great holes with center bunkers.
Your premise is flawed. The opposite of a course that makes you think isn't an easy course.  "Thinking" courses don't have to be difficult. The best courses make you think but aren't punitive.  A course where you automatically lose a shot by missing a fairway is not a course that makes you think. It's the opposite if it doesn't give you options. A good course makes you think by giving you options. For example, go for one side of the fairway that has hazards but gives an...
Vista Verde:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/sets/72157631871478079/show/with/8131027558/  
Even though Myrtle Beach is in SC, most people associate Brunswick County NC as being "Myrtle Beach" for purposes of planning a golf vacation. There are dozens of courses in Brunswick County, NC that will give you some good golf at good prices. You can probably do 3 nights lodging and 4 days of 36 holes each for close to $400 per person if you do a package of courses that are affiliated with one another such as the Cats at Ocean Ridge or Sea Trail. That's a lot cheaper...
New Posts  All Forums: