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Just got back from Mesquite NV and Hurricane UT.       Conestoga #5  http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/sets/72157632732288756/   Sand Hollow #12 from tee  http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/sets/72157632722304523/    http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/8458606098/in/set-72157632722304523
The OP was looking for courses in the north end of the grand strand
My top five in the North end of MB including Brunswick County, NC  are Rivers Edge Tigers Eye Leopards Chase Oyster Bay Glen Dornoch   Rivers Edge and Oyster Bay have some pretty marshland scenery so would be the most different in style from Heather Glen and Possum Trot. They are also the best bargains, so those 2  would be good choices.   After that my next five are Bald Head Island Thistle Crow Creek Pearl East Pearl West   The Pearl...
but not very self confident   I'll e-mail you before I come down and hope to find out if you're as good as you say.
Thanks for the post and pix. Did you play both Red and Blue? If so, which did you prefer and why? What are the differences between the two? Prior to yesterday, what was your favorite?   It's not as "off the beaten path" as compared to Bandon or Ballyneal. You have two international airports in Tampa and Orlando a little more than an hour away so it should get a lot of play from avid golfers.  Have you played Bandon or Ballyneal (among my U.S favorites). If so, what made...
Southern Dunes     Longbow         Dinosaur Mountain     Whirlwind   http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/collections/72157631875831171/   - Phoenix Golf Course photo tours   http://golfcourses.weebly.com/phoenix-az.html - Best PHX courses
http://golfcourses.weebly.com/orlando-fl.html - Best Orlando Courses   http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/collections/72157631972135446/ -Orlando Golf Course  Photo tours 
    If you guys think a course like Celebration is a top course, then you wouldn't want to pay "that kind of money"   But to many others, courses can be worth $200'round... Certainly the courses at Bandon, the Old Course etc. If courses like Pinehurst #2 and Pebble were "only" $200/round the tee sheets would be booked solid. I'll reserve judgement on whteher  Streamsong is "worth" that much until I've played it,
In the $60 range near L.A. I'd say Rustic Canyon.        
I've played most of the 100 or so courses in the MB area. The courses mentioned by the OP  (Aberdeen, Waterway, Man O War)  aren't among my favorite 40 (except for Wildwing). Here is a link to my favorites and a link to photo tours of MB courses from my most recent trips.   http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/collections/72157632004669462/  MB courses photo tours   http://golfcourses.weebly.com/myrtle-beach--the-grand-strand.html - MB Favorite Course site
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