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http://golfcourses.weebly.com/orlando-fl.html - Best Orlando Courses   http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/collections/72157631972135446/ -Orlando Golf Course  Photo tours 
    If you guys think a course like Celebration is a top course, then you wouldn't want to pay "that kind of money"   But to many others, courses can be worth $200'round... Certainly the courses at Bandon, the Old Course etc. If courses like Pinehurst #2 and Pebble were "only" $200/round the tee sheets would be booked solid. I'll reserve judgement on whteher  Streamsong is "worth" that much until I've played it,
In the $60 range near L.A. I'd say Rustic Canyon.        
I've played most of the 100 or so courses in the MB area. The courses mentioned by the OP  (Aberdeen, Waterway, Man O War)  aren't among my favorite 40 (except for Wildwing). Here is a link to my favorites and a link to photo tours of MB courses from my most recent trips.   http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/collections/72157632004669462/  MB courses photo tours   http://golfcourses.weebly.com/myrtle-beach--the-grand-strand.html - MB Favorite Course site
Try to play both if you can. The consensus of my group may have been a very slight preference for Panther Lake, but the vote was tighter than the last Presidential election and we were happy with both choices which was not true of the election  Don't sweat it if you can only play one. Play whichever one you can get the best tee time.   Here are photo tours of both courses from two winter rounds at each...
Tough choice. Pacific is the most popualr, but any of them will be a great round. Try to chnage your plans to play all four.  Here is a photo tour of all four:   http://golfcourses.weebly.com/bandon-dunes-resort-bandon-oregon.html
Here's a link to my favorite NY metro area courses:   http://golfcourses.weebly.com/new-york---metro-nyc-area.html
Here's a link to the best courses to play in PHX area.   http://golfcourses.weebly.com/phoenix-az.html
No need to change any of your choices. Cally, True Blue and the Dunes are the three must plays on the "Grand Strand". Your other three choices are not far behind. If you want to consider other options, the only other courses I'd consider would be the Dye, Love and Fazio courses at Barefoot Resort or Tigers Eye & Leopards Chase at Ocean Ridge Plantation. I've played more than 60 courses in MB and the only reason to consider others is if you want to save a few bucks. There...
Here's a link to a photo tour of Bear Dance  http://sports.webshots.com/album/577425715VMZuzh?start=48  
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