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This thread is idiotic. Other than expense, none of the criticism's mentioned are any more applicable to resort courses as a category than they are to any other category of courses, be it munis, daily fees. residential  or privates     Many non-resort daily fee courses make the same claims. "Long and  difficult" is not any more prevelant with respect to resort courses than it is at any other type of course. "Difficult"  is the opposite of what Ray G was saying was the...
    What resorts you are talking about?  What you say doesn't describe any golf resort I've been to and I've been to many. Bandon, the Broadmoor, Pebble, Pinehurst, Kiawah, Kohler, Bay Hill, Disney, Reunion, Mission Inn, Greenbrier, PGA , Innisbrook, Shingle Creek, Reynolds Plantation, Barefoot, the Sagamore, The Wynn, and all the places in Northern Michigan that a previous poster mentioned.  I can't think of one that jibes with your decription.  How can you say resort...
Here's another green with a bunker in the middle. #17 at Bayside in Ogallala Nebraska. It is a fun hole. I played two rounds a day  on successive days from different tees each round with the pin in different places. It wa cool trying to figure out how to putt and run the ball down certain slopes for the best chance at a two putt. In some places a 1 putt was impossible but that is almost true on "normal" greens. The main point is you need to be on the right are of the...
  I guess I misunderstood when you said  "it was somewhere between your local muni and a dog track…off the list for sure and wouldn’t recommend playing it ever again." That sounded different to me than "it vwas a good layout but not in good condition."   The photos are form March 2009
It's on my bucket list. Post a report on your round
I've played Oyster Bay several times and never experienced poor conditions. It is one of the top layouts in the northern strand and was the most popular course in Brunswick Countyin a recent MBGT poll. You can find reviews and inquire about MB course conditions at http://www.myrtlebeachgolftalk.com/tabid/111/aff/3/Default.aspx I wouldn't hesitate to play Oyser Bay again when conditions return to normal there.      
Here's a link to best plaxces to play bin vegas and photos.   http://golfcourses.weebly.com/las-vegas-nv.html
I also like Wild Wing and the Witch. They are nice layouts that often fly under the radar of MB visitors. Glad you enjoyed them.  
 Florida is sunny and rainy most of the year so the grass is almost always green. Rain can make for bad condititions and for the most part courses in Florida do not play firm and fast beacuse they get a lot of water. World Woods and the courses north of Orlando are more likely to have firm fairways if that is waht you are looking for. Of course, hurricane season can wreak havoc on conditions and ability to play. Summer can be unbearably hot and humid    
I've played more than 60 courses in MB. I wouldn't say that there is an abundance of great courses there. There is an abundance of good  courses and an abundance of mediocre courses. The must plays are The Dunes Club, Caledonia and True Blue. After that there are a dozen or more good choices. PIck anyb one of these for your fourth round:   Starting at the South end and moving north Heritage Legends Moorland or Heathland Grande Dunes Barefoot -  Dye, Fazio and...
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