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I also like Wild Wing and the Witch. They are nice layouts that often fly under the radar of MB visitors. Glad you enjoyed them.  
 Florida is sunny and rainy most of the year so the grass is almost always green. Rain can make for bad condititions and for the most part courses in Florida do not play firm and fast beacuse they get a lot of water. World Woods and the courses north of Orlando are more likely to have firm fairways if that is waht you are looking for. Of course, hurricane season can wreak havoc on conditions and ability to play. Summer can be unbearably hot and humid    
I've played more than 60 courses in MB. I wouldn't say that there is an abundance of great courses there. There is an abundance of good  courses and an abundance of mediocre courses. The must plays are The Dunes Club, Caledonia and True Blue. After that there are a dozen or more good choices. PIck anyb one of these for your fourth round:   Starting at the South end and moving north Heritage Legends Moorland or Heathland Grande Dunes Barefoot -  Dye, Fazio and...
World Woods has two excellent courses, but it is a long drive from Orlando. There are some very good courses about 45 minutes north of Disney. Sugarloaf Mountain, Victoria Hills, Deltona, Mission Inn (El Campeon course), Bella Colina and Timacuan. The terrain in that area is hilly and the soil is sandy, making for more interesting options than many of the courses closer to Disney. Osprey Ridge is my favorite of the Disney courses. The other three courses at Disney are...
 Kings North has more water and forced carries than Willbrook. KN has water on half of the holes. Willbrook has water in play on "only" about a third of the holes. Willbrook is a little tighter though. I would tell the 30 handicapper to bring a lot of balls and not to worry about losing them. If they just play to have fun and not worry about score or losing balls they'll have fun on either course. If you want an easier but more plain cousre play the South or West course...
Not sure what you mean by over rated, but if you don't think Saguaro is a top 5 public course in the PHX area IMO you'd be wrong and part of a very small minority.  I like Cholla too and wouldn''t argue if you prefer it to Saguarao, but both are among the best public courses in the PHX area.  On the other heand, Kierland is not in the top 15 of the courses I've played in the area.  
Here's a picture of a beautiful par thee overlooking the Hudson River at Sleepy Hollow Country Club which is the course closest to where I grew up. Welcome to the golf obsession. I started taking photos of courses that I play about 6 years ago. Here's a link to about 5,000 photos of 300 courses I've played since then http://community.webshots.com/user/tewie19  
Not sure if they are hidden any more, but Vista Verde and Southern Dunes are two of the best courses in the area that aren't known to all tourists.   Here's a link to favorite PHX area courses: http://golfcourses.weebly.com/phoenix-az.html
McAllister? Do you mean Alister MacKenzie,  who designed Cypress Point, Pasatiempo, Alwoody, Crystal Downs, Royal Melbourne and Century, and co-designed Augusta National?   PB Dye is one of Pete's sons. Not sure what the PB Dye  course has to do with a comparison of Pete to RTJ or whoever this McAlllister charecter might be. Or do you mean that PB Dye is not at the same level as Jones or whoever?    
There are lots of options that meet your criteria. The first thing you should consider is what part of MB you want to  stay in and how much you want to pay. Lats week of March is high season so you'll play around $100 or more for the top MB courses. The grand strand strectches more than 70 miles form north to south and the courses are spread out along that strecth so you should focus on clusters in the North, Central or South to avoid lots of driving.   The Legends...
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