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Here's a picture of a beautiful par thee overlooking the Hudson River at Sleepy Hollow Country Club which is the course closest to where I grew up. Welcome to the golf obsession. I started taking photos of courses that I play about 6 years ago. Here's a link to about 5,000 photos of 300 courses I've played since then http://community.webshots.com/user/tewie19  
Not sure if they are hidden any more, but Vista Verde and Southern Dunes are two of the best courses in the area that aren't known to all tourists.   Here's a link to favorite PHX area courses: http://golfcourses.weebly.com/phoenix-az.html
McAllister? Do you mean Alister MacKenzie,  who designed Cypress Point, Pasatiempo, Alwoody, Crystal Downs, Royal Melbourne and Century, and co-designed Augusta National?   PB Dye is one of Pete's sons. Not sure what the PB Dye  course has to do with a comparison of Pete to RTJ or whoever this McAlllister charecter might be. Or do you mean that PB Dye is not at the same level as Jones or whoever?    
There are lots of options that meet your criteria. The first thing you should consider is what part of MB you want to  stay in and how much you want to pay. Lats week of March is high season so you'll play around $100 or more for the top MB courses. The grand strand strectches more than 70 miles form north to south and the courses are spread out along that strecth so you should focus on clusters in the North, Central or South to avoid lots of driving.   The Legends...
Oops. I just saw that the preceding post was only 3 days old. Funny how old posts get resurrected    
Paiute and Primm are two of your best options. Paiute has three excellent courses and  is about 25 minutes north of the strip. Primm has two courses and is about 45 minutes south. Paiute would be my preference but both would be good choiuces. Paiute is usually a little less expensive. Here are links to photos of both places: http://sports.webshots.com/album/572988212ooOjZL  Paiute   http://sports.webshots.com/album/557826506HYlPLl - Primm   Photos below: top is...
I agree with most of what you say. The Dunes, True Blue and Caledonia are my thee fvaorites at the Beach and Heritage is good value. However, I've never had a bad experience or bad conditioning at Barefoot. My group has played Barefoot in 2008, 2009 and 2011 (Dye, Fazio  2x and Love 2x) and the conditions have been perfect. Like every every other MB course the rough is dormant in winter.  No reason to stay away from Barefoot. Here are some photos so you can see the...
  Bandon is Awesome. Here's a link to my Bandon Dunes trip report from Septmeber. There are lots of Pix and descriptions of the holes  if you scroll down.   http://golfcourses.weebly.com/bandon-dunes-resort-bandon-oregon.html
The first two that I would suggest are top tier courses at second tier prices: Vista Verde and Southern Dunes. They are two of the best courses in the area and not too expensive. They are "Must Play" courses. I also like Rancho Manana. You have the Raven on your list. There are two Raven courses. One is near the airport and is an Eastern style course with decidous trees. The other one which I prefer is Raven at Verrado which is West of Phoenix and is very good. Raven at...
6 very nice courses and Barefoot is a nice place to stay. I'm sure you and your group will have a great trip.
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