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There are three 18 hole courses in Croatia. The conseneus is that Dolina Kardinalla is the best of the three. Here is a link to a short article about golf in Croatia    http://www.top100golfcourses.co.uk/htmlsite/country.asp?id=28   I don't know who told you there are no 18 hole courses in Poland. There are a few.   http://www.top100golfcourses.co.uk/htmlsite/country.asp?id=52    
You are a man after my own heart. I also photogarph golf courses. I have linked your fantastic archive to mine. If you go to this link and then click on the Ireland tab it will go to your page.   http://golfcoursephotos.weebly.com/ - Golf Course Photos
Here's a link to a list of my favorite Vegas courses with photos.   http://golfcourses.weebly.com/las-vegas-nv.html - Best Vegas Courses
Capitol Hill in Pratville (near Montgomery has three good courses and on site lodging. It is a good place to use as your base. If you have time, take a day at Cambrian Ridge which is about 45 minutes south of Capitol Hill. We flew to Atlanta and drove, so Grand National is on the way between Capitol Hill and Atlanta. The two courses at Grand national are called Links and Lakes, but Links is not a links style course.   Here are links to photos of these RTJ...
The Phoenecian is an amzing resort. One of the best places  I've stayed at anywhere. However, the golf course, while okay is not one of the  top courses in the area.  
Kierland and Camelback would not make my top 20 Phoenix/Scottsdale area courses.   We-Ko-Pa would be at the top of my list. Both courses there are excellent.   Here  is a link to my favorite Scottsdale area courses with photos.   http://golfcourses.weebly.com/phoenix-az.html
Here is a link to favorite Orlando Golf courses with photos and more links.   http://golfcourses.weebly.com/orlando-fl.html
I've played all of the courses mentioned on this thread several times. TPC is nice but not  in my top five favorites. I'm suprised by the negative comments about Oyster Bay, Tigers Eye and the Legends courses.  My only complaint about the Legends is the slow pace of play beacuse they are crowded. But I think the layouts are terrfific, particularly the Moorland and Heathland courses.   If you are already set to play at Barefoot, I would suggest you play all of your...
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Ballyneal is other-worldly and worth the trip from anywhere. I've played 600 courses and BN is in my top ten.   Here's a link to photos, although the photos do not do justice to the experience.   http://sports.webshots.com/album/578350365ejhJvm    
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