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Ping Anser irons 3-pw, Green Dot with KBS Tour Stiff shafts ordered thru ping with them less than a year old... i bought them used from my friend who works at edwin watts... Serial Numbers are all matching 1M5916... any questions feel free to give me a call 850-228-9572. Polo    
just go to edwin watts and get a irons box for free like ive done 5 times...... wrap each iron head individually and pack them, tape them and ship them.... fedex costed me $17 and change from florida to california EDIT: just read you already sent them.... good luck man
SOLD thanks
no sorry the only trade i would be looking for would be for a set of irons auch as titleist 755's or mizuno mp57's since these are my only irons lol
offers? need these gone soon before my 755's sell
whats wrong with a second set? spread the word as soon as i sell these im getting a set of 755's.... hopefully s really clean set
Titleist ZB irons 4-pw DG s-300 shafts...... they have green half cord golf pride grips..... golf clubs are not perfect they have some club chatter and the 4 and 5 iron have 2 marks in them from a starter not putting my golf bag in the cart properly...... but anyways they have a whole season on them and are nice irons im just looking for something different..... they are all standard length loft and lie..... take a good look at the pictures, they are nice clubs and i love...
WTF are you talking about?
i went golfing 2 days ago and at about the end of our round there was a guy walking who was pretty good. at the 14th hole we let him join us, and he was playing pretty damn good my shot up next i swung he said nice swing. i never paid any mind to it..... 2nd shot to the green on a par 4 hit a 8 iron perfect and dropped 6 feet for birdie..... he said your swing tempo and style resembles fred couples.... of course i was like wow since thats the swing ive been wanting to...
i have to admit im a titleist man all the way but ive always had callaway drivers..... today was what clinched it that callaway has a outstanding customer support and warrantee..... today me and my cousin we both have ft-i drivers...... today he was hitting the driver really good and after 3 holes his driver sounded really weird but still drove the ball great...... by the 4th hole he hit another great drive but there was 1 more thing that came off the tee box..... it was...
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