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as i said in my post, I'm 6.3 feet tall. My old mizunos were 1" longer and had a slighly modded lie angle
no more advice?
thanks for the quick reply. I don't have the Pro IIs anymore so a new purchase is the only real option. The price would be around the same what I would spent on a new set (which would also be high quality but obviously not in the Miura range quality). So regarding the price it's really a tie. The difference in wrist-to-floor is around 1.7 inches. cheers
Hey, this is my situation: I've stopped playing in 2004 when i was a hcp 17 but more playing around hcp 11 each round. I then stopped due to time constraints. I'm 194cm (6.36 feet) tall and had a swing speed of 105-110mph. Now I want to start up again and looked at the different equipment thats available. I used to play Mizuno ProII's that were customized in shaft length and lie. Yesterday I got an offer from a friend to buy his clubs of him. The set consists...
how do they play? I hope you've hit them now!
breaking 80 by June - thats it for me really
as people said before, i think that equipment is a question of how you want to approach the game. If you play it for fun, don't care about equipment. If you do take it seriously and invest a lot of time in it, its only logical to invest money as well to perhaps get a 4% advantage or whatever.
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